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Tsang Ching Man (Fanny) @ HKDI
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Download: bsit_team12
[describe the concept / also use photos & sketches]

Rules & Gameplay

– 1.5hours to play this game
– Group 2 teams (at least 3 people, up to 6 people)
– Select which is CATCH team or MISSION team
– There have some materials you need to bring.


For Mission Team

– There have 5 treasure need to find.
– Go to the checkpoint and get it.
(Custom to change the numbers of treasure or the checkpoint location)
– Use the GPS map to find out the checkpoint.
– When you arrive the checkpoint, encode the QR code to take the MISSION CARD.
– The app will show the MISSION card when you encode the QR code.
– The card will write the things you need to do.
– If you correct. the treasure will save on your team’s phone and show the next checkpoint.
– If not, you need to restart the mission until you correct.
– If you tag from CATCH team, you will be out.
– If you collect all treasures, the game will finish.


For CATCH Team

– Use the GPS map to check where the MISSION team members.
– If you tag the MISSION team member, take out his/her wrist and phone
– If you can catch all of the MISSION team members, the game will finish.


[describe interaction rules between the players / also use photos & sketches]


[describe your team’s creative process / show preliminary ideas & sketches]


[describe the requirements for the production of the concept]


[feel free to add any more information that you think adds to your concept!]

Tips & Tricks

The guides underneath are an impression what you can do. Use this post for documenting the entire process, so do not create new posts – update this one!

Hi, and welcome at your teampage!
 You may want to use the examples underneath to shape the documentation of your mobile project for PICNIC 2011. These will help you to make sure all relevant elements are there. These enhance your chances to win the challenge as the jury uses these also when viewing and judging the concepts and prototypes in 7scenes!
* Who are we? A short introduction of the team.

  • How did our collaboration process work? Show excerpts from Skype sessions, Facebook entries, Tweets, and all sorts of other media you used to works things out in your team over the challenge. We encourage multi-channel thinking, so be creative!
  • Our results from brainstorming, mindmapping and other creative experiments. Present your initial sketches, doodles, photo mock-ups. We encourage to create your own videos, visuals, animations, and so on!
  • Our final concept! Crucial, here’s where the jury will pay particular attention! Explain as clear as possible what’s it all about! What will the PICNIC crowd get once you won the challenge and your entry is produced? Explain backgrounds, user-interaction, think performance – visualize the impact of your concept!
  • The prototype in 7scenes. Another judgement thing. The jury will look closely into the scene you build in the 7scenes platform. So try to be as complete as you can building your concept. Bottom line is that what you invent works in 7scenes!!
Last tips
  • Upload all media you use directly to the blogpage and use no external links to Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • Contact us immediately in case teammates drop out, when technical issues occur, in case you need feedback.

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