Team8! 7Scene? 7Sins?

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Member :
1)Yau Chun Kin


My game concept is that I wanted to create a game that’s contained different interactive between player to player, such as making them form rivals to partner. This kind of relationship can let players think more about other players.

They also need to concern what they really want to do, the ONLY WINNER of the game or share what he obtained.

I am going to use the “adventure mode” to play and make a little bit changes on the rules.


Seven Sins contained lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Each of them got different personalities ,and needs.

And now ,you got some of those 7 sins get into your mind. What you have to do is to make use of your power to fulfill your goal ,or clean you sins at last.

Remember to make yourself to be the real winner of the game. The meaning of “real winner” is that, the final goal is to clean your sins, not staying in the sins hell.

Rules & Gameplay

1)each player got their own character.
2)go to different start point.
—————–game start—————-
3)attack others to get more points.
4)use their skill to overcome different task

Idea Development

PROCESS -Refernce

PROCESS – Idea Development

(also ,the Rescuer will reach a reward check point at the same time to get the Trapper player’s skill.)
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