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Find the way home


We are from Hong Kong who are studying in Hong Kong Design Institute. All of us are creative media design students.We love taking photos and hanging out with friends in daily life.My name is Chan Tsz Kwan,Tissue. I love sports and eating snack while watching movies

Hi, I am Winky Yip, I love travelling around with my lovely friends.Hey, I am James, I love skateboarding on the street.


•The participant(s) is a tribe ‘s people who is far away from his or her home town.
•Now, the player is lost in an unknown city.
•He or she needs to find the things which can guide he or she the way to home.  During the journey , there would be somebodies obstruct the trip, for example they may set some tasks to the users to finish.
•When the users can overcome the tasks, they may get what they want, such as diamonds, jewelries and gold etc. After they collect the whole set of treasure, there would be more bonus gifts.
•Getting more “treasures”, the users may know more about the city. At that moment , they would notice that the city is their home.

(we would to let users be the “first person”  , to be involved in the story )


Rules & Gameplay

1)search for anything which can help you to find the way home
2)open the camera as a scanner of tool,treasure and even tasks
3)do what the task said to you


Need camera operation during the game, so as to scan some story features out.
Need animation as interactive purpose.