The teampage of team 6 for Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’11

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Fighting monsters together




(Sugar)Pun Ching Yi /

Hong Kong Design Institute


[PICNIC is not for observers, it’s for participants.](from PICNIC)

My  target group  is  foreigners, people that are not familiar with the culture of Amsterdam.

Through the mobile scene , the player can enjoy various activities and the artworks ,to understand the culture of Amsterdam .

Accept the challenge to social problems solve will progress .

Role Playing :

Role=Local people      Monsters=Problems



Rules & Gameplay

Directed fractional wins

1. Game time 150 minutes

2. In the Division are equipped with many control points, the player for a limited period of time, with technology, experience and fitness to win points, but do not visit all the control points

3. Each control point has a different score, and score its distance, difficulty and connection with other family out of control

4. More than the time the players will return to the end points are less certain

5. Players not in order, visit the control points, the highest team score in performance points for the winners

6. In case the situation with the points, places a relatively short time to complete for the team to victory


First, players divided into two teams, four people in a team, each team will have PICNIC festivalgrounds map, Players are assigned a starting amount of role can be in different venues looking for weapons and shuttle supplies (limited number). Control point must be to a different challenge to win points.



Our first idea is play in Hong Kong.But we want to fit the PICNIC, so change the location .Now is play in Picnic grounds.





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