Team10- We love PEACE!

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Hi all ūüôā

We are Team 10

We are Ada,Michael,Erika and Sean from Hong Kong Design Institute.


Ada Wing Hang,NG

hey everyone,
im studying creative media design in Hong Kong Design Institute.
It’s my first time to participate international design competition.
It’s a ¬†great experience in my design life even its quite difficult and tired to finish it.
By the way, I believe that we could fix all the problems of our lovely world.
Everyone stop blaming and start to change from yourself now.


Michael Ka Wai,CHAN

A 19 years old boy who studying in Creative Media Design in Hong Kong Design Institute.


Erika Chui Yee,Poon

Im a year2 student of HKDI. Studying creative media design and LOVE PEACE.


Our App – “One Peace

Our design concept


Everyone is getting far away because of the technology’s development.
At the same time, technology gave us more convenient.
Someone found their family members/friends that they lost for many many years.
Someone could keep close with their friends and family every time even they live in different place all around the world.
But  so many people depends on technology so much,
They text/email/wt’sapp … their friends every day,but they won’t meet each other once a year even they live nearby.
As for we thought that our world is turning worst because of the technology.


As for the technology has been too much develop.
Everyone could get on to internet and say anything and no need to take responsibility.
Racial discrimination on the internet can be found very serious.
Everyone be classify , ugly,fat,yellow,black,short,catholic,lesbian etc….
It made wars happened.
We decided to do something to improve the situation and start from us.

That’s why we made ONE PEACE!


here are our research about peace and the world as one¬†– Michael Jackson’s They don’t care about us. РWe are the world. РMichael Jackson’s Man in the mirror.

Our process..

  mind map for us to make decisions.




   The draft of our logo.

  6 hours before the deadline.


Maybe you should know somethings about One Peace first before you read/play …

About One Peace

You will be interacted with someone you don’t know by photo taking,drawing,singing …etc.
Everyone is the same in front of ONE PEACE no matter who you are.
Everyone would get the same score when they are doing the same things.


Logo of One Peace


There are three kinds of people who are living in the world.


Design concept:

Language barrier,Communicate obstacle¬†,Discrimination,Disparity between the rich and the poor… etc made wars’ happen all around the world.

So that we put three kinds of people together,means the world as one.


Participant(s) have to finish 7 missions.
The details are listed below…


Here we GO!

First, Lets read the rules.
*3 players or above in each team.
*Every team will start from different place.
*You will get some bonus score(s) if u check-in at every check point.
*The team who take the shortest time will be the winner.

* When the team finished a mission, they will get a hint to unlock next level.

*Before the game start, each team will be given a Chinese sentence, the player should remember it.


Mission One – Piece of PEACE

  everyone will to play ONE PEACE in there.

-You will get three pictures since you checked-in at the starting point.

-You will get a part of the picture, you need to find the full picture in a hidden location.

-The team must take a photo with the full picture.

-Take a photo and upload.


Mission Two – Smiles On

 Since you finished Mission one, you will know how to get here.

-Find 3 people from different country.

-Take a photo with their smile.



Mission Three – Do You Know Me ?

When you saw this, means you are at check-point 3. WOW!smart!!

-The information of  a special location will be shown on the phone.

-Read all the information and go to the special location.

-The questions will be shown on the phone.

-Answer all the questions.


Mission Four- P.P

Mission 4 is waiting for you now!


-Find a cargo container.

-Paint something good for world.

-Take a photo and upload.


Mission Five- Sing a Long Song


How’s feel after singing “we are the world”?
by the way pay more attention to the following missions!!!!
its gonna be more difficult!!
good luck!!

-Teach a stranger to sing “We Are The World”

-Record a video and upload.


Mission Six- We can,can you?

¬† It’s time to do something for our world!!!!GO!GO!GO!


-Show stranger a video about the workers who work for the earth(eg. clean the beach)

-Ask the people to do something for the earth.

-Record a video and upload.


Mission Seven – Lost

   Congratulations!!!!!!!!You are here finally!!


-When the team arrive at the check point.

-There’s are some¬†Chinese¬†word at the check point.

-The team must think back the given Chinese sentence and speak it out.

-Record the sound and upload.


When you finished all the missions.
Means you take the first step to change our world.
But that’s not enough at all.
Try to do more and better.
We can make sure that is work or not.
But at least we tried.
We are the world.We are the Children.
No one can help us if we don not do anything.