This concept is targeted towards hospitality and tourism students and is developed as a game. Students are guided towards different locations in the city where they are confronted with both virtual and real tourists. The virtual tourists pose questions that they have to answer for points. They are then triggered to ‘capture’ real tourists if they are aware of the touristic info of the area where they are currently at. The students will then tell the tourists ‘legendary stories’ about these places and ask the tourists to give them a mark. They upload a photo of the tourist together with the mark and continue on with the game. Student to get the highest score wins. This concept encourages students to learn about the actual questions and people involved in their discipline, to get a better understanding of the field they will work in. Lastly, this concept will also improve their language skills.


  • Rosa Lai
  • Lee
  • Dickson
  • Anthony Wang


Video (English)

Video (Chinese)