The results are in! After two great days of dialogue and creativity, I think we can safely say it was a big success! Around 50 teachers joined over the course of march 16th and 17th ’10 to share their ideas on Mobile Learning, talk about the opportunities and challenges they see in relation to their disciplines and to ultimately develop their own mobile learning concept hands-on with 7scenes. The variety of scenarios that have come out of these sessions show the wide potential of using the city as a learning platform. Also using an alternative method of teaching next to more traditional methods was welcomed and teachers were eager to see how a pilot project could work for their curriculum.

Many thanks to Joanna Cheng, Vivian Cheng, Buck Ng & Jackie Lai, all the participants and everyone else making these sessions a success! Your vision, creativity and energy has been very inspiring!

Masterclasses March 16th ’10

Both in the morning and in the afternoon the response to the presentation of mobile learning cases and ‘lessons learned’ was interesting and lead into a discussion at the end of each session. Interesting because of the different backgrounds of the audience. This made for a great variety of questions ranging from technical to conceptual to practical. As all these topics are important, it was valuable to have them all addressed.

Below the presentation of the Masterclass including all videos:
Mobile Learning VTC Hong Kong

Workshop March 17th ’10

About 25 teachers joined the workshop to form 5 teams working on their own mobile learning concepts.

Please check out the concepts from the workshop, comments are of course very welcome:

Browse all photos here:
Hong Kong – VTC, march 2010