Washroom Signs – DPTC
The Design team from the Hong Kong Design Institute came up with a concept for the didactics of Aesthetics and Semiotics and used urban symbols and signs as their foundation. The brainstormed on the generic idea that symbols found in city surroundings can have different cultural backgrounds and social implications and effects. They decided to focus their concept on toilet signs in different parts in a neighborhood: expensive hotel, a mall and a public washroom. Students should observer the setting, photograph the signs and interview people to research the impact of the signs. The team also discussed of possibly self-designed signs could be tried out in the city.


  • CHAN Sau Lin, Circula
  • CHAN Wai Mun, Selina
  • FUNG Chi Keung
  • HO Shui Yi, Georgia
  • TAM Kwok Leung
  • WONG Yuk Ling, Wood



Video (English)

Video (Chinese)