Last August 31st and September 1st VTC’s Center for Learning and Teaching and 7scenes organized sessions for teachers (VTC-wide) targeted not only to inspire them to see how they can use Mobile Learning within their curricula but also to have them experience a Mobile Learning lesson in the streets of Wan Chai and ultimately design one for their own. The amount of teachers that signed up for the sessions was overwhelming, showing the willingness to explore the use of mobile technologies to create ‘any time, any place’ situation-based learning. Teachers came from the various institutions that are under the VTC umbrella so there was a wide range disciplines represented.


In the first section of the Masterclass the theoretical background of using the city as a learning space was illustrated with many educational 7scenes projects making it easier for the audience to relate these to there own situations. The second half dealt more with the more practical issues around implementing Mobile Learning as a method in existing curricula. From the sessions in march ’10, this was a very important topic to get more specific on. In a more discussion-based format the opportunities and challenges were discussed and topics such as technical requirements, knowledge transfer & grading, students as designers and more.

Outdoor Showcase

Around 45 teachers joined the GPS tour that was set out through the Wan Chai area combining Wholeperson Development learning goals with English language skills. Eight different locations were marked including a foodshop, temple, music store, market and a heritage building. The teachers went out in groups so they could share an iPhone, which they used to navigate the interactive locations. Arriving at one of these locations an assignment was triggered on their phone asking them to perform a specific action, often involving direct contact with the people present. This experience really made the concept of Mobile Learning tangible, which was especially evident in the group discussion that was held afterwards.


Over 30 teachers joined the full-day Mobile Design workshop. Some of them had had the chance to join the masterclass and outdoor walk the day before, making the training extra valuable for them. Five groups were formed to create concepts for Business Administration, Design, Childcare Education & Wholeperson Development, Engineering & IT and Hospitality & Language. An important step forwards from the march ’10 sessions is that the teachers explicitly incorporated learning goals into their concepts ensuring better integration into their curricula. Once again it was amazing to see how well rounded and divers the developed concepts were at the end of the day when each group presented their work.