About the team

We’re a three person team from Parsons the New School.  We are Mani Nilchiani, Jenn Kaye, and Maya Weinstein.

Brainstorming sessions

Our initial idea was for a zombie apocalypse game.  We were looking for ways to provide a fun and challenging experience to attendees of picnic.  After further consideration we scrapped this idea due to the fact that we thought the concept would clash with the festival rather than enhance it.

Here are some initial notes for the zombie game:

“Van Gogh’s Ghost”

Apocalypse game – site specific

By checking into the game you have Van Gogh’s ear and you have 60 minutes from check in to collect supplies before he comes after you

Checking in for supplies -at each tent you check in you get a different supply

  • tent
  • beans
  • guns
  • tools
  • medical supplies

You can use the phone’s gps to locate other players and trade supplies with them. When your 30 minutes are up Van Gogh and his artist zombie friends come after you.

When there is an impeding zombie attack your phone vibrates and you have to use one of your weapons to fight off. Your phone vibrates if you need to use a supply like food or shelter.If you get injured you may have to use a medical supply

You can tweet a photo to get an extra life; when you die the game is over, but if you lose, you can play again. If you defeat Van Gogh you win the game.


Making the most of Google Hangouts

Here is a link to a video of a google hangout where we decided agains the concept (please excuse all silly hats) : BSiT video meeting 1


Revised concept 

After learning more about the capabilities of 7scenes and making some test 7scenes apps, we revised our approach. Here’s our second round of brainstorming:


Themes from PicNic that might be helpful in ideating:

  • Also we should make tweeting an integral part of the app- involve social media
  • Networked systems as a way to empower people
  • Growth of DIY and people powered initiatives to take power out of corporations/government and give it back to people
  • widespread use and adoption of technology to allow people more creativity
  • PICNIC, together with its partners and friends, will investigate what “New Ownership” means and what new opportunities it offers for our personal lives, society, businesses and planet.
Other ideas:
  • A game that builds something – users network in order to build
  • A game that reflects DIY culture
  • “Occupy”– get a critical mass of people in any one location and your group has the power to… do something
  • A way for people to leave their mark on a location? “Jenn Kaye was here”
  • Is there something we can leverage in terms of a phone’s hardware (bluetooth?) that we can do something cool with if you have enough mobile phones in 1 location? (send a beam into outer space to contact aliens? for example…)
  • Use IFTT to make tweets do something
  • Design a custom map to use instead of their map
Finalized idea:
Photo/Video person scavenger hunt– think of “Where’s Waldo” on steroids. We want to give people excuses to talk to each other, and what better way to do that than to capitalize on the people watching that’s inevitable?
Our app will ask people to locate other people that have certain qualities (e.g. has a beard, is wearing 2 watches, works at a graphic design firm) and will earn points based on their success.
More fleshed-out details coming soon…


The final concept

Final Concept: A human scavenger hunt.

Our game serves as an icebreaker and allows people to get to know other people at the conference. It is based on the idea of a scavenger hunt but instead of finding objects you find people that match a certain description.  Players will visit different locations at the conference and find someone in the vicinity that fulfills the criteria that we assign to that spot.

We will ask players to Tweet a photo of themselves and their new friend in the location with the hashtag “#foundatPICNIC” to contribute to an impromptu social directory of PICNIC-goers. They can also check into that tent via foursquare and to let others who are playing know where you are at in the hunt to encourage competition. Players will also fill in a blank on their scavenger card sheet.

There is a 60 minute time limit to complete the scavenger hunt. If your entire sheet is filled in when it is over, you win.

Here are some example clues that would be part of the game:

  • Clue 1: Find a person in a red shirt
  • Clue 2: Find a person with a tattoo, have them draw a sketch of the tattoo
  • Clue 3: Find an interaction designer, have them draw their favorite button
  • Clue 4: Find a person who knows HTML5, have them write hello world
  • Clue 6: Find a person who can draw a diagram of an arduino lit LED
  • Clue 7: Find a person who can write you a for loop (any programming language)

Here’s the story that our game will tell users to entice them to play:

See that girl over there? Standing next to that one dude? Yeah, her. Go up and talk to her! She might be in your industry. Or… she might not be. Maybe you could collaborate on a future project? Maybe she knows someone who knows someone who can?
Use this game as an excuse to break the ice. We’ll give you criteria for certain people to find at PICNIC. The more you go up and talk to people, the better chances you have of winning the game. Either way, you’ll build your profesional network.

Share your connections via social media with the hashtag “#foundatPICNIC” to contribute to an impromptu social directory of all the cool people you’re meeting. Post a pic! Maybe you’ve met someone that another conference-goer should really speak to. That way, they’ll know who to look for.

Have fun!

Designing the concept



Prototyping your concept with 7scenes

We did a lot of testing with the different game templates available on 7scenes. The one that best fits our game is the Indoor template. Once we have a floorplan of the conference and stick location markers at different booths, workshops, and speaking events. Each marker will give a clue.

For now, we can not really produce a prototype since we lack this floorplan. However, our introduction will give you some clues. You can check our scene here.