About Our team

Team members:

  • Chiu Wai Hung(Jimmy)
  • Chan HinWing(Eva)
  • Lau Wing Chan(Sam)
  • Tsoi Tsz Pan Benny

Team name: The Stunning Investment

The first meeting: 19/06

Our teacher holds this meeting. All the representative of the groups’ participant in this year 7 scenes are gathering together. As we have joined 7 scenes last year, our teacher wanted us to share our experience with the new participants. By the way, we found that there are some modifications with the tours.

The second meeting: 25/06

This day, we have discussed about the basic concept and the direction of our story. We also ch

eck again what the rules of all the scenes, see which one matches our story mostly. We also made a schedule to make sure we can finish all the works on time.

This meeting we finish our first direction and make sure what we should do and need to do.
We also do our working schedule, make sure we can finish it on-time.

The third meeting: 26/06

 We decide to use the tour – Field Research. However, we still have some anxiety about the rules, for example: is it having a specific order or route; and can the players skip the levels; players maximum can skip how many levels? To find out all the answers, we decide to make a simple vision that located our school. It’s not so success at first. After several visions, we finally can search the scene. And we find out that it doesn’t have a order of this scene. We have to fix out this problem later.

 In the middle of the meeting, we focus back on our story and concept. We start to conclude all our ideas we have designed and do the selections. We made a mind map to figure out all the things. We also do many studies on the map of Amsterdam as we are not familiar with Holland and decide which region are most situations for our play.



The forth meeting: 02/07

It is ready July. Our time is really tight. We have to finish our concept and story as soon as possible so that we can move on the locations. In this meeting, we give up the two previous ideas as they are so boring and not interesting at all. Hence, we developed another idea. It is about extraterrestrial got to invest in Holland. After we finished the concept and story, we have to divide our job duties.

We started design the graphic, typographic images and each of us have to design one extraterrestrial at home. We have to finish these images in one week. At first, we have brainstormed the appearance and style of those extraterrestrial. Then, we drew some stretches and create the 2D character by illustrator. (You can refer the draft and the storyboard below.)


The fifth meeting :08/07

We already finish the design the design of the characters. The next step is to discuss the locations and further details of the missions. We select a near sea area of Amsterdam to be our main playground, and also the region near the Eye Film Institute. If players wnt to finish all the locations and high marks in the scene, they have to cross the sea and get into the location of PICNIC Festival.

Exclude the above face-to-face meetings, we also ask each other about the progress through Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook, make sure no one is behind the working schedule.

Brainstorming sessions

(first ideas, inspirational stuff, notes, photos, videos, presentations, skype calls)

First idea: A journalist

A journalist was sent to Amsterdam for writing an article of Eye Film Institute and report to the local office. He has to do some research in Holland first and then get into the Festival. In the scene, he has to do some matching with the research on Internet.

Second idea: A citizen
A local citizen was found a treasure map. The map needs him to follow the rote and finish some tasks, in order to get the final treasure.

Third idea: An extraterrestrial
Extraterrestrials want to invest things in earth. They come from gallery of their planet, who want to trade with human.

*We finally decide to develop more on the third idea.

Our communication record – on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype etc.


Designing the concept

(Mindmap, sketches, presentations, logos and other formal stuff)


Character design of the extraterrestrials.

We had tried 3D to the build our extraterrestrials.

The sketch of icon.

The sketch of intro image.

The final intro image.

The design of outro image.

The final outro image.



Some Design of the T Gallery logo.


Some design of the backdrop image.
Process of mindmap.






Prototyping your concept with 7scenes

(tell us how you worked and how you translated your concept to 7scenes)

We brainstormed the ideas together and vote for the most creative idea.

Our discussion materials.

After we finished developing the idea, we start to select the locations.

We have to count how many time to finish all the locations, make sure that players can finish all the locations in the maximum playtime.

The photos of the locations are added some effect to make it seems from another planet.

This is our final 7 scenes map. There include many scenic spots.

You can find our prototype below.

The Centraal Station.

The red light district.

The Tram Station.

The final concept

(Here you should tell us everything about your concept: what’s your target group, what’s the interaction model, what’s the goal of your game etc)

Our main concept is about an extraterrestrial was been sent to Earth to do the research of Amsterdam. We named the extraterrestrial Emumu and the planet it comes Oipemi. In the discussion, we  all agree our propose is to make use of the traveling time to Eye Film Institute. Usually the long traveling time is so boring, through our tour, tourists can more enjoy their trip and have more fun. Also, In our tour, there has some introduction for the place. We hope the tourists increase more interest to Amsterdam.

The locations are divided to three categories. They included the history and geography of Holland, the living environment of Holland in Amsterdam and the business, culture and Art in Amsterdam. Divided categories helps to identify clearly what the locations helps Emumu totally know Amsterdam.

Main Story
Once the tourist enter the tour, he should be Emumu. Emumu lives in Oipemi and he work at T. Gallery, which is well-known gallery in Oipemi. His boss is always looking forward to invest in Earth. He has searched the information in the internet. All the places in Earth are so amazing and wonderful. It’s quite difficult to choose. Finally, He found that Amsterdam. He thinks that it is good place. He wants to choose Amsterdam to be the first target place. However, he don’t know Amsterdam is that wonderful as the picture and information mentioned. Hence, He sent Emumu to the Amsterdam see whether it is suitable for investment or not. Emumu have to go to different places to study how human live in Amsterdam and then report to his boss.\