About the team

Mau Kai Chau

Ku Pak Hei

Chan Chong Tat

Lai Ka Yiu Ruck


We are “Back To The Past”!

Brainstorming sessions

We discussed some ideas about the game.We want to make an adventure game

so we started to design the role of the game.

We have four roles in this game.Each role has the own mission and the own skill.

The player should select their role and finish the mission and upgrade the skill.

Apart from this,There are some common skills for every roles to learn.

 1st idea

 This is the 1st idea. We try to design the app which can play with all players. this idea is seem to be “Monopoly”, players earn more money to buy the scenes. When the scenes had bought by some player, we can finish the task and then pay more money to buy it.

The right hand side page is setting the task of different scenes.

The first question is our default questions, and then the second task is action task which need player to use their smartphone to take photo, video and audio. Finally, when player finish there tasks, they can pay money to buy the scenes. 

The draft of mind map of 1st idea



2nd Idea : Back To The Past

1. Design background

Left page: We found some background information of Amsterdam. The left hand side is different sources to make our background. Finally, we decide to use The Flying Dutchman become our background of story.

Right page: it is our roles and skills discussion. we may think provide four tribes ( Batavi, Utrecht, Spanish,Netherlands ), but this idea was finally banned.

 2.Characters design

Right page: It is draft of our characters setting and also have some background design.


1. Skill and roles

The Left hand side is skill design. each skill is corresponding different roles. these skills are double scores, bonus task , capture 1% score of target, answer the task until success.

The Right hand side is four roles, that is Politician, Missionary, Businessman and Sailor.

Skill design                                                                            Roles design



We are going to design a app for Amsterdam, so we find many sources about Amsterdam in library.


Designing the concept



There are the prototypes of the logo design.


We’re discussing about the value of different skills of every roles.


Scenes setting

Finding different scenes of Amsterdam

We also use google map and search some information of scenes.

Record the position of scenes

We use some of these scenes to become checkpoint of our app.

Sometimes,we need to search more information to make sure that the position and history of scenes are correct.


Drawing the role of the game.

The Sketch of Each Character (8-7-2012)


Character 2nd Design: (Updated)





Character graphic Updated!

Corrected the word Businessman

New Character Graphic Updated! He is Erik van der Maas. A Sailor in The Flying Dutchman!

Scenes design:

    These scenes are not order to visit, that’s mean player can free to visit any scenes, just like Grand Theft Auto.

Special scenes:

       Each role has 8 different scenes, which occur some little stories. These scenes may make each role remember their anecdote.



Missionary :

Sailor :


3D :

We found some information about Amsterdam building, we try our best to design a 3D mode about the building. When player tough the screen, the 3D building will show the structure of the building and introduce the Amsterdam building.

Character design:

Presentation design:

2 members: Ted  and Ruck


3D for introduce the stepped gable

   We design to create a 3D and animation form to introduce about building of Amsterdam.

Character design:

3D and Character design:

Presentation design:

Task and scenes design :


Map setting

Cover of PDF (beta):


The graphic of skills is released!


The Logo is released,too!

Concept design:

AR map :

Player can use the AR map with smart phone to show any players’ location. It make our app became more reality interactive with other players.


As we want to set 7scenes become communication between players and city, we are very recommend that 7scenes can give all or designate players an instant task. this task can guide player to reach the destination. 7scenes can hold a party and then give the instant task to players to participate the party.

News feed website:

             Our apps can link with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also design a new feed page to keep record the photo, video and audio. These data are showed in this page, so people can more understand the fun of our app.

Prototyping your concept with 7scenes

Since we don’t know how much time is needed of walking direction in Amsterdam,we found it by Google Map.

Check our final prototype below.

The final concept


Back to the past :

Our final design in 7scenes

PDF of Back to the past:

Strategy for implementation in Amsterdam