About theteam

Francesca Fornoni, Sofia Girelli, Daniele Lupatini, Mattia Parietti (Nyancat Group)

Brainstorming sessions

We begin to think about the concept given to us (valorize the Unesco’s Italian Heritage) in march 2012, during our AR course at Politecnico di Milano, and we build together the concept “what if there wasn’t” really quickly, because we thought that the best way to make someone conscious of the importance of something is to take those things out of them, and make them re-discover and in the same time learn enjoying themselves.



Here we show you a map we created in order to visualize the existing apps that might be useful for inspiration and some information to start to know Unesco.

Designing the concept

Here you can find a pdf presentation with the explanation of our concept: UnescoWorldHeritage

Here you can see a Demo of Unesco App, please make sure to watch it at 480p and with annotation on!

Prototyping your concept with 7scenes

The gyroscope with the altered view of the reality with the point of interest missing could be replaced with a photoshopped picture for an easier programmation of the prototype and these could create an “album of missing beauties”.

The final concept

The Historical and Natural Heritage is an irreplaceable, unique, universal value for all, but too often we seem to underestimate this treasure and our eyes are indifferent and nescient toward the monuments, places and natural beauties.

Our work is s mobile app that emphasizes the importance thanks to a visual representation of the loss: “what if there wasn’t?” is the concept and ” The only way to do not to lose something is do not forget” is our motto.
Based on a quiz-task challenge, the experience goad the users and the tourists to improve their knowledge as they gained information, but in a fun and non stressful way.

Strategy for implementation in Amsterdam

We created Unescope during the Augmented Reality and Mobile Experience Course at Politecnico di Milano,
briefing by Touring Club Italiano, and it’s made for discover and appreciate the Unesco’s Heritage, but the concept behind the app suits well everywhere, because everywhere there is beauty and we can find beautiful and undiscovered values in every city: monuments, museums, buildings, natural parks etc.

Using the app in the city of Amsterdam it could be double the fun, because we could transform the city into a playground of lost beauties, giving everyone a map with the lost heritage the user could discover the town and complete a higher mission, learning more about the monuments, statues, buildings he knows or doesn’t know and as well cooperate with other users directly or indirectly making connections and creating a social web game.

Also the logo is flexible, and the U is easily changeable with an A!