About the team

Hello, we are Chan Ka Cho, Lam Ho In, Yeung Tsz Yan from the Hong Kong Design Institute. Our team name is WANTED!

Brainstorming sessions

We have discussion on Whatsapp.

Our first idea is:

A boss wants to find out the best investigators in Amsterdam, six missions are set up to test the ability of investigators. Many investigators want to prove that they are excellent by this chance. They need to solve the problems and find out the thief during the missions. Who will win the test? Who will be the best investigator?


Allows four Players play together, all players are the investigators, they will compete with each other.


Get the highest score in the end

‧ 6 missions
‧ Divide in 3 levels according to the difficulty
‧Get score when finish the mission
‧The order can choose by players

After choosing the mission, will tell you the location of mission.
You need to find out the places where can give you hints.

When close to the special place, a signal will occur by the phone.
Each location has many hints.

The history of the place is also told when showing the hints.

Our Second idea is:

There is a murder case in Amsterdam. The murder remained some tracks when passing by different locations. Many investigators follow the trail to chase the murder.


Have to find out about the tracks through a fixed order of hints and tasks.


Solving the secret as quick as possible or scoring the most amounts of points within game time.

Our Third idea is:

In Amsterdam, a fabulous thief want to show off his ability, so he remains evidence imply the next crime location after steal treasure. All investigators in town hope to catch him.

Player role:



The fabulous thief


Catch the thief and get the highest score


‧fixed order of location
‧hints and score are given by solve the task
‧times limit is 3 hours

‧The thief remains some hints, may be photo, word, etc.
‧Need to find out the next location

‧When you go to the right place, the apps will give a signal
‧Score is given if you solve the task
‧Skip is allowed but no score can be got


‧Introduce the famous place in Amsterdam by the crime happen in game.
‧The place introduce by this method is more interesting than introduce directly.
‧Visitors will remember the characteristic more easily.

Designing the concept

Mind map of Amsterdam:

Mind map of concept:

Sketches of logo:

Prototyping your concept with 7scenes

 discussed about the location with reference of Google map, guidebook, etc…

We have used Google Map to simulate walking though of the location in order to calculate the distances and time consuming. Thirteen locations at Amsterdam are included. All these locations are decided by their reputation, history, function, entertainment, etc.


Centraal Station > Museum Amstelkring> Oudekerksplein > Dam Square > Madam Tussaud Scenerama > Koninklijk Paleis > Amsterdams Historisch Museum > Allard Pierson Museum > Munttoren > Museum Van Loon > Rijksmuseum Amsterdam > Van Gogh Museum > Stedelijk Museum

Check our final prototype below.

The final concept


In Amsterdam, a fabulous thief want to show off his ability, so he remains evidence imply the next crime location after steal treasure. All investigators in town hope to catch him.

Target group:



‧Introduce the famous place in Amsterdam by the crime happen in game.
‧The place introduce by this method is more interesting than introduce directly.
‧Visitors will remember the characteristic more easily.


Is “he” again!!
No one knows who is “he”.
Although he always remains some evidences that imply the next location of crime each time, police failed to arrest him.
How about this time?
Investigators! Come and arrest “he” as soon as possible!



Your role is a investigator, you need to solve the task in different location and catch the thief.


‧Players can get score by complete the tasks, skip the task is allowed but no score can be get.
‧Player need to find out the next location based on the hints.
‧In the end of game, the player who get the highest score is the winner.
‧The time limit is 3 hours.


1.Centraal Station

When you leave the Centraal Station, you hear a loud ringing of police car. You have an intuition that the crime is related to ‘he’. You are curious about the details of the crime, so you follow the police car to the Museum Amstelkring.

2.Museum Amstelkring

It is a 17th-century canal house that presents the rich cultural heritage of the Netherlands.The building has a church in the attic and most of its rooms maintain their original decor.The museum presents art exhibitions in the hallway.

Sculpture is disappeared. Is ‘he’ again but he left already. The policeman doesn’t know what to do. At this moment, you show your qualifications of investigator to him and start to search the location. You find a photo that remained by ‘he’…

Task: What did ‘he’ steal?
Hints: The next location is related to religion.


It is the oldest parish church, consecrated in 1306 by the bishop of Utrecht with Saint Nicolas as its patron saint. After the Reformation in 1578 it became a Calvinist church, which it remains today.

When you go to Oudekerksplein, many polices surround the building. You know that you are late. Then, you go inside and try to understand the crime details. A police pass a photo to you.

Task: Refer to the stained glass, what does the man  hold?
Hints: The next location have a white stone pillar.

4.Dam Square

It lies in the historical center of Amsterdam. It is roughly rectangular in shape, stretching about 200 meters from west to east and about 100 meters from north to south.

You solve the task and know the next crime will happen in Dam Square. There are no people when you arrived but the police car arrived immediately. In fact, ‘he’ left a long time ago. The lion statue was stolen. Faster is necessary next time.

Task: How many lion sculptures in the dam square?
Hints: You will see lots off stars in next location.

5.Madam Tussaud Scenerama

Madam Tussauds in Amsterdam has been modernized, equipped with multimedia effects, set to employ actors and extras and like any amusement park it addresses itself mainly to children and teenage visitors.

When you enter the museum,a MV is playing in the screen.You are late again in this time! But it seems to relate with the crime…

A wax figure was stolen.

Task: Which person’s wax figure did  ‘he’ steal?
Hints: There are princess in the next location long time ago.

6.Koninklijk Paleis

It  was built as city hall during the Dutch Golden Age in the seventeenth century. The building became the royal palace of King Louis Napoleon and later of the Dutch Royal House.

This time, the crime location is Koninklijk Paleis.  Your guess is right but too late. Someting is stolen already. You need to search it  and solve the task.

Task: Which one is not the true name of Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam?
Hints: You can find the history of Amsterdam in the next location.

7.Historisch Museum

The museum exhibits various items related to the history of Amsterdam. Many of the original furnishings of the city orphanage are on display, as are artifacts relating to the Rasp house.

You have a look inside the museum, there are nothing special. When you go outside,  you discover that  somethings are lost.

Task: What is the sentence of the shadow place?
Hints: The next location is related to archaeology museum.

8.Allard Pierson Museum

It is the archaeological museum of the Universities van Amsterdam. The ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria and the Roman Empire are revived in this museum.

‘he’ left again. A antique was stolen by him.You find a photo of it in the location.

Task: What is the name of the antique?
Hints: The is bell sound in next location.


It used to be the city´s gates, when it was fortified in medieval times. In 1618 the gate and towers that protected it suffered an attack and in a fire they lost a whole tower and nearly the whole gate, which was built at the end of the 15th century.


You guess the next crime location is Munttoren. It is searched completely by you, but nothing happened. When you doubt yourself, you listen a bell sound from the top of building. You go there rapidly but ‘he’ leave already.

Task: What is the meaning of Munttoren?
Hints:  The next location is a magnificent private residence built in 1672 by the architect Adriaen Dortsman.

10.Museum Van Loon

The museum is named after the family Van Loon that lived in the house from the 19th century. The canal house where the museum resides was built in 1672, and served as the home of artist Ferdinand Bol.

You start to understand the motion of ‘he’.When you enter the museum, you see someone leave over the window and disappear rapidly. Only a photo was remained.

Task: What is the shape of that ornament under the shadow?
Hints: The next location is the biggest museum in Amsterdam.

11.Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art.

You go to the next location rapidly. You hide yourself and waiting for him. A shadow move toward the painting, you are ready to catch him. Since his action is too fast,  he still can steal ‘The Nightwatch’ and leave successfully.

Task: Who is the artist of ‘The Nightwatch’?
Hints: The next location is the most visited museum in the Netherlands and the 23rd most visited art museumworldwide.

12.Van Gogh Museum

It dedicated to the works of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. It has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world. It is the 23rd most visited art museum worldwide.

Altough you come here before him ,you still cann’t stop his action  without enough preparation. But you are confidence to catch him next time. ‘he’ steal the painting of Van Gogh. This photo is the hint given by him.

Task: Which one is stored in Van Gogh Museum?
Hints: The next location have been removed once time.

13.Stedelijk Museum

It is a museum for classic modern art, contemporary art and design in Amsterdam. The original municipal museum was founded in 1874, but developed into the present museum after a 1909 decision of the city to collect contemporary art.

This time, you set up many apparatuses inside the museum. When ‘he’ move toward the target, those apparatuses work and catch him. Finally, the series of crimes are closed. You prove that you are the best investigator in Amsterdam.

Task: How many things did “He” steal?