What a challenge it has been! This year’s mobile design challenge was a bit different from previous ones. We turned it into a battle between universities instead of having international teams working together. To make this battle easier to participate in, also local concepts could be submitted. The result is a very nice, mixed range of creative concepts!

First we’d like to thank all teams for their creativity and perseverance to come up with strong mobile concepts during this summer. We were especially awestruck with the amount of mindmaps, pictures, visuals and videos you put up on your team’s webpages. This really shows the effort you’ve put in- well done!
Before we announce the winners, let us first present some feedback from the jury report.

From the jury report

Team 1: “Really well thought out concept! You really designed for a target group and we like how you’ve used classic gameplay elements to teach teenagers about the Dutch (art) history in a fun way. Great way to showcase art collections!”

Team 5: “You really showed us how your ideas evolved – great job! Excellent mindmaps and very interesting creative process.”

Team 6: “Well-thought out science-fiction story. We particularly like the funny visuals! Emumu seems like a sweet creature.”

Team 7: “Nice how you thought about the social aspects of an event like PICNIC! Your concept could really work as a funny ice-breaker indeed.”

Team 13: “A theme that is really relevant to many cities in the world! You could actually turn this concept into a product..”

Team 14: “We especially like how you’ve translated your concept to Amsterdam, as indeed the different city districts have cultures of their own.”

Team 15: “Very relevant and contemporary themes – ownership and recycling. We like the fact you’ve made this concept to try to change people’s mindset.”

Team 17: “First of all- stunning visuals! We also like how you, with your background, actually themed your concept around Dutch history and legends. You’ve worked really hard!

And the winner is…

Team 1 – with their concept ‘Wanted’! Congratulations to team 1 – Chan Ka Cho, Lam Ho In, Yeung Tsz Yan from the Hong Kong Design Institute!

Second prize goes to team 13 for their concept ‘What is there Wasn’t?’ Congratulations to Francesca Fornoni, Sofia Girelli, Daniele Lupatini, Mattia Parietti from the Polytecnico in Milan! And third prize winner is team 17 – ‘Back to the Past’ with Mau Kai Chau, Ku Pak Hei, Chan Chong Tat and Lai Ka You Ruck.
We would like to thank all participants for being part of the challenge and for coming up with great new innovative mobile concepts.

Last but not least

A special thanks also to our partners of Dutch and overseas institutions (Parsons, Polytecnico, HKDI, University of Utrecht) for keeping the spirit of the challenge alive over the summer and for helping out the students in their creative process. Thanks so much Vivian Cheng, Ken Lee, Nicolle Smit, René Glas, Davide Spalazzo, Mauro Ceconcello and David Caroll.

We will now prepare for PICNIC! Soon we’ll welcome team 1 to Amsterdam to start working on the concept. They will be showcasing it on september 17th at the PICNIC festival. We’ll keep you posted!