‘Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’12’ took place over summer 2012. Best Scene in Town is a mobile design challenge in which student teams from universities from all over the world compete to create the ultimate mobile experience for the PICNIC festival crowd. At this year’s challenge, universities battled against each other to come up with a creative mobile concept using the 7scenes platform. They either worked on a totally new concept or submitted a local project already developed at their university. In this last occasion, the challenge was to develop a strategy for adjusting this local concept so it can be produced in Amsterdam.

The winning team was Team 1 from the Hong Kong Design Institute. Check their concept and the article announcing the winning team.

Or check the report of their presentation at PICNIC Festival 2012.

About 7scenes

7scenes is a mobile storytelling platform that enables organizations in education, cultural tourism and events to create and publish Scenes – location-based tours and games for smartphones. We believe that making engaging mobile experiences should be easy and fun. That’s why we provide you with a complete toolkit to help you link your media to places. With our online authoring tools it becomes very easy to connect your story to the city. Simply drag and drop places on a digital map and link media like video, audio, photos, text, tasks, rewards or opinion polls to them.

Based in Amsterdam, with an extended team in Belarus, we work with many organizations in the cultural tourism, heritage, education and events sectors, both in the Netherlands and internationally. The company was founded in 2007 and has its roots in many years of research performed at medialab Waag Society.

You can check out scenes and try a free account on our website.

After signing up your team, you will go through the different stages of the creative process and develop a concept: from initial ideas, to hands-on prototyping and finally live pilotting. In that way you will learn how to develop an innovative mobile project. We will help you through the different stages of the design process by providing guidelines with online support and organizing webinars to boost inspiration for you and your team.

Ultimately, all submitted projects are judged by a jury. The winning concepts are made available to the main public at PICNIC festival 2012 at the EYE film institute in Amsterdam.

Click the image below to download the flyer.

Also check out the video impression of Best Scene in Town, last year, at PICNIC ’11.


The end goal for you is to design and produce a groundbreaking location-based mobile experience for the PICNIC visitor using the PICNIC area in Amsterdam as the primary location.

Submission of the final concepts is July 16. The winner will be announced in August and the winning team will pilot their concept in September at the PICNIC festival.


This year PICNIC is held at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam. Check the location here and on Google Maps.

Remember: your game doesn’t have to take place at the PICNIC festival grounds! You can use it offcourse, but you can use the entire city of Amsterdam for your concept.


You can enter an existing project your university already has carried out locally. Or you can enter a concept you and your team have designed and developed especially for the BSiT @ PICNIC ’12 challenge. There is no theme and there are no categories to enter your concept in, but there are a few conditions you should take into account.

  • 1. Main goal is to create a nice, detailed and elaborate concept that combines locations, gameplay, rich media and social interaction.
  • 2. Keep track of the creative process of you and your team mates. You should do this by using the webpage each team will receive after registration. This webpage will be taken into account when deciding the winning concept. More on the creative process can be found here.
  • 3. You have to think about a strategy to appropriate a local concept for Amsterdam.
  • 4. A prototype on the 7scenes platform is required when submitting your concept.

Who wins?

The submitted concepts will be judged by a professional jury that uses criteria such as synergy between physical place and virtual content, narrative forms, interaction with people, use of media, playability and overall immersion (or impact).


The winning team will get three tickets to Amsterdam, accomodation during your stay and free entry to the PICNIC festival terrain. Here you have the opportunity to pilot and present your concept! (When a Dutch team wins, we have something extra special prepared).

Second and third prize winners will receive either a retro fish-eye camera or the book ‘Open design now!’.


Phase I: register your team before June 8. Teams should have 3 to 6 members. To registrate your student team, please send an email to bsit@7scenes.com. After the entry deadline you will receive a username and password for your teams page on bestsceneintown.com and the 7scenes platform.

Phase II: Design a groundbreaking location-based mobile experience for PICNIC.
You and your team mates will work on a concept. It’s very important to document this creative process as it is part of the judgement criteria. You will post your progress on your team page on this website using any medium you like; capture your skype-chats when you exchange ideas with teammates, draw attention to your project with a Facebookpage, take pictures of your doodle, brainstorm sessions, sketches and tests. As campaigning is part of the challenge, tweet about your plans and explore the possibilities of YouTube and Flickr repositories to store all your media. Learn more about the creative process here.

We will of course help you get inspired by organising three online seminars:

  • The first session will be an introduction of the 7scenes platform ( a ‘7scenes 101’) and how best to use it.
  • The second session will be focused on your team’s concept: is it feasible and what needs to be changed?
  • The third webinar will be about how to adjust a local concept so it can be produced in Amsterdam.
    In this phase you will continue finishing your project. Each team will post their final concept online at bestsceneintown.com and create a prototype at 7scenes.com. These will be judged on interaction with locations and people, overall narrative, media, game-play and documentation of the whole process. Finally the winning team will be announced.

Phase III: Winning first prize and going to Amsterdam and PICNIC
So you just won the challenge and now it’s time to put your concept really to the test. We will fly three members of the winning team to Amsterdam and put you up in a hotel. Here you will finalize the concept and implement it. We will of course help out. On the final day of PICNIC the winning team will be in an ʻopen labʼ setting at the PICNIC ’12 event, sharing and presenting the experience. Last but not least you will pilot your concept by letting the PICNIC crowd experience your idea hands-on.


(Dates can be subject to change)

  • Phase I
 May-June: Open call for participants. Final entry deadline is June 8.
  • Phase II
 June-July: 7scenes webinarsessions. Final submission deadline for your concept is: July 16th at 23.59 CET.
  • Phase III 
August 1st: Announcing the winning team.
 In the days of September 13th- 16th the students will be flown over to Amsterdam. Final on site production for PICNIC
 is on September 16. During PICNIC (September 17 and 18) the winning team will perfect their concept on the PICNIC premises, with a grand presentation and pilot on Tuesday September 18.


For any questions or information you can e-mail karlijn@7scenes.com.
Also check out the 7scenes support page on 7scenes.com/support. Here you’ll find a HowTo video, FAQ, and a Maker Turotial to guide you through the process.