And the winner of ‘Best Scene in Town’ @ PICNIC ’11 is….

What a challenge once again! This time with contributions from more institutions than we ever had before. First gratulations to all teams for their creativity and perseverance to come up with strong mobile concepts during this summer. We were especially awestruck with the work that was done in the last two weeks. You all really pulled it together – well done!!

But before we go to the winners, short feedback snippets from the judges on some of the concepts:

Team 2: Great visualization of the interaction scenario. Very well thought out!”
Team 3: Great central theme – Street Art – that fits well with PICNIC. Also strong academic foundation of the concept.”
Team 4: We like how you created a perfect blend of physical media (cards), social media (twitter), 7scenes and the PICNIC program.”
Team 5: You really took the time to build and design a demo for your game; great! Amazing visuals. Also nice last-minute changes to connect to the PICNIC program.
Team 6: We truly like the approach – PICNIC is not for observers, it’s for participants”.
Team 7: The way your worked on storytelling in your concept is really good; you thought of it as a journey.”
Team 8: Respect for the fact that you worked on your own! Nice visuals  and really funny how your connected 7scenes to the theme 7 sins.”
Team 9: The effort you put it really shows!! From concept, to character design, visuals, missions and detailed use of the PICNIC area.”
Team 10: Nice how you focussed on your theme peace and tried to stimulate interaction between different nationalities on PICNIC; lovely.”
Team 11: We like the way in which you used your own cultural background to think of a theme for your concept (time traveling).”

After long deliberations we have come to a unanimous decision:

And the winner is……………………… !!! Team 4 – with Adhoc Architects !!!

Congratulations to team 4 Jonathan Baldwin, Tami Evnin, Alex Gekker and Hirumi Nanayakkara – a collaboration between Parsons (NYC) and Utrecht University (NL)!!!

Second and third prize winners were extremely close though…

Second prize winners are team 9 congratulations Chiu Wai Hung (Jimmy) , Chan Hin Wing (Eva), Lau Wing Chan (Sam) and Tsoi Tsz Pan (Benny)  of the Hong Kong Design Institute!

And third prize winners are team 5 – Michelle Calabro, Christian Eckels, Lea Faminiano and Thom Hines of Parsons.

We really would like to thank all participants for being part of the challenge, collaborating and coming up with great new innovative mobile concepts. A special thanks also to our partners at the institutions overseas (Parsons, MIT and HKDI), keeping the spirit of the challenge alive over the summer, motivating and helping out the students in their creative process. Thanks so much David Carroll, Vivian Cheng, Helen Wong, Jackie Lai, Olivia Yip, Ken Lee, Eric Klopfer and Louisa Rosenheck.

So PICNIC here we come!! We welcome team 4 – Jonathan, Tami, Alex and Hirumi – to Amsterdam to start working on the concept and showcasing it on friday september 16th at the PICNIC festival.

More posts on that of course coming soon.