Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’11 is a design challenge in which you compete to create the ultimate mobile experience for the PICNIC crowd. In a fast paced setting, you will go through the different stages of the creative process and develop a concept: from initial ideas, to hands-on prototyping and finally live pilotting. In that way you do not only learn how to develop an innovative mobile project, but also to collaborate with students from different places and backgrounds. We will help you through the different stages of the design process by providing guidelines with online support and organizing shared creative sessions to boost inspiration for you and your team.

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An impression of Best Scene in Town, last year, at PICNIC ’11.


Registration is open! Sign up by sending an email to


1st prize: trip to Amsterdam incl accommodation and present and pilot your winning concept at PICNIC ’11!!
2nd & 3rd prize: tba.


Mixed student teams from China, U.S.A and The Netherlands explore the rules of how we can interact with locations and people using mobile phones. You do not have to have any technical knowledge to participate. Out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration skills is all that is required.

Participating institutions are:


The end goal for you is to design and produce a groundbreaking location-based mobile experience for the PICNIC visitor using the PICNIC area in Amsterdam as the primary location.


This year PICNIC is held at the NDSM warf in Amsterdam.

Grotere kaart weergeven


Phase I: Building up the teams.
After registration you will be randomly put in a mixed international team. This means your team will consist of Chinese, American and Dutch members. After the entry deadline we will let you know in which team you are placed.

Phase II: Designing a groundbreaking location-based mobile experience for PICNIC.
You will work together while being apart. You can use any means of communication possible to think and design a groundbreaking concept.
It’s very important to document this creative process as you will be awarded extra points for this challenge. You will post your progress on our website using any medium you like; capture your skype-chats when you exchange ideas with overseas teammates, draw attention to your project with a Facebookpage, Tweet about your plans and explore the possibilities of our YouTube and Flickr repositories to store all your media.

We will of course help you with our personal connection sessions. These are held in Amsterdam in a beautiful 15th century building called The Waag. If you physically cannot be in Amsterdam maybe your Dutch team members can. You can also follow them online of course. The first session will be an introduction of the 7scenes platform and how best to use it. The second session will be focused on your team’s concept: is it feasible and what needs to be changed ?

You will continue finishing your project and afterwards each team will post their final concept online at and create a prototype . These will be judged on interaction with locations and people, overall narrative, media, game-play and documentation of the whole process. Finally the winning team will be announced.

Phase III: Winning first prize and going to Amsterdam and PICNIC
So you just won the challenge and now it’s time to put your concept really to the test. We will fly you and your team to Amsterdam and put you up in a hotel. Here you will finalize the concept and implement it, we will of course help you. On the final day of PICNIC the winning team will be in an ʻopen labʼ setting at the PICNIC ’11 event, sharing and presenting the experience. Last but not least you will pilot your concept by letting the PICNIC crowd experience your idea hands-on.


(Dates can be subject to change)

Phase I
May-June: Open call for participants
6-12 June: First team set up and further acquiring team-members
21 June: Kick-Off session (Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger)
28 june: Connection session “How-To” workshop (Location: Waag Society, Nieuwmarkt 4 in Amsterdam)

Phase II
July-August: 7scenes summer private sessions – t.b.a
1 September: Submission deadline (23:59 Amsterdam local time)

Phase III
2 September: Announcing winning team
11 September: Arrival winning team in Amsterdam
12/15 September: Final on site production for PICNIC
16 September: Presentation on PICNIC
17 September: Departure winning team


For any questions or information you can e-mail: or