Our big day on the PICNIC festival was Friday 24th. In the days before, teammembers from New York flew to Amsterdam and finetuned their concept and worked hard with Dutch teammates to get the winning scene produced in the 7scenes platform.

The original concept that was designed around the idea of gameplay with one final in which players would race to a finish to unlock the code was altered to another structure. To give optimal freedom for people to play, students decided for an individual moment for game players to visit the tent and get their code decrypted. For that reason, a well-known poem by Pasolini became the centerpiece. All words, cut up in pieces were mingled and drawn from a bowl by a mysterious fortuneteller. A re-designed version of the poem formed a unique calligraphed slogan for each player to be worn on the PICNIC lainyard.
Many visitors played the game with much enthusiasm! All game-actions were followed live in 7scenes to see players behave on the festivalground and returning to the tent to unlock the fortuneteller.

Our base for the day was an attractive looking Yurt-tent was placed in the well-decorated ‘Gashouder’. At ten o’clock, the PICNIC crowd took posession of our tent to attend the presentations done by the winning students. All proved to be very good ambassadors for 7scenes by explaining thoroughly and discussing in depth subjects in the field of design, storytelling, mobile devices in relation to the main PICNIC themes.

At the end of the day we could not only look back at a perfect PICNIC-day but also on an awesome design challenge!!