GET INFECTED… Redesign Media

The idea of redesign media for the virus theme is to use people’s social networking relations as input to produce unique visual/sound effect. Coming to the festival, people may have a great chance to find their family members, friends or colleagues also in the area. With the help of mobile device, a spider net that connects one individual to others may be drawn from people’s social relations. If different visual/sound effects are assigned to different kinds of relations, and to different distances, it is possible that each one coming to the festival will receive a unique feedback depending on his/her social networking relations with the crowd, and the distances in between.


(concept draft)
Like the I-phone infected and nearly addicted a whole community, we like to inviteeverybody to be part of a virus of communication. Re-Design the nowadays community virus and let it grow all over us. With the Best scene in Town game, we request to explore the festival field of the Picnic event and his five themes: Redesign the world, – Life, – Design, – City and – Media. We combined different ideas about how to play with interaction and how to give the feeling to be a part of something bigger. For example, to record different movements, like jumping sitting, lying down with a photograph and reflect it with screening a moving crowd. Further exchange objects to recreate till a field of objects is grown. Follow how the community virus explores the festival and watch its shapes and forms. Leave records about the experience and what is gathered and what should be kept for the future explorers after the festival is long gone. Let the virus catch your life, the city and the world and be the little detail.


Many students readily acknowledge how much they rely on their iPhones. When asked to rank their dependence on the iPhone on a scale of one to five – five being addicted and one being not at all addicted – 10 percent of the students acknowledged full addiction to the device, 34 percent ranked themselves as a four on the scale, and only 6 percent said they weren’t addicted at all.

And among those who didn’t consider themselves completely addicted, 32 percent expressed worry that they would become addicted someday.

There was also a tendency among the survey participants to anthropomorphize their iPhones and treat it differently than other electronics. For example, 3 percent of the students said they don’t let anyone touch their iPhone; another 3 percent have named their iPhone; 9 percent have patted their iPhone and 8 percent admitted that they have at some time thought “My iPod is jealous of my iPhone.”


Redesign Media – resources

Cell Ghosts

“This work captures the viewer moving through space with a live camera, with their image projected in particles that is stored in memory and appear later as a ghost. The person passing by also activates text. The ambient sounds are a composition of data derived from manipulating live biological cells. The piece was originally conceived site specifically for an exhibition held at the former Seodaemun prison in Seoul, Korea.”

Portrait Machine

“Portrait Machine, by Theo Watson and Kyle McDonald, is an interactive photography installation that visualizes the connections between visitors, reminding us of our connectedness and uniqueness, creating strong visual patterns and playful juxtapositions.”

Mindmap tour Concept

Best scene in town idea, team 8 The Mannahatta project

A project that reconstructs and maps how Manhattan looked in 1609 when Henry Hudson discovered the island. Hear&There: An Augmented Reality System of Linked Audio

This is a reality system that uses audio as the primary interface. Users can leave “audio imprints” and hear other users’ imprints by walking into the area that the imprint

occupies. Furthermore, imprints can be linked together, whereby an individual is directed from one imprint to related imprints in the area.