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A puzzle adventure game Solve riddles and discover the story. Riddles involving websites and assignments you can do on your own but are much better to do with two people and two phones.



The Player

When you see a man running off with a stolen artifact you make a choice to pursue. You see a white light and the thief lays on the ground with no long term memory only the memory of the past three hours. He knows that he tried to protect the artifact that got stolen.

End of the day you find out together with the guy that he works for an agency called The Institute for Technological Advancement off the Netherlands or TITAN. And the artifact is still gone. But there are more agents on the case and the bomb that would have served as a diversion is disarmed and taken away. Your memory gets rigged that only on the terrain of PICNIC you will remember these events.

The Enemy

You go to PICNIC and see a man with the artifact under his arm coming up to you. He shows you a badge which says TITAN and says they have the case under control. Then he gets a call. After he ends the call he says that you are needed with a riddle.

The riddle leads to another riddle and reveals that the terrains gascontainer is filled with highly volatile component and has been rigged to explode after one hour. To stop this you have to solve 12 riddles and questions.

The Organization

PICNIC day three. When you return to the last day of PICNIC you see two agents who identify themselves as TITAN agents on a final assignment to protect the unveiling of the artifact. When you wander around the terrain waiting for the unveiling. A man looking very familiar approaches you and tells you to stop the unveiling. To this goal the artifact has been dispersed in 10 different locations. Using riddles you have to secure the locations. At the last one you find out a man has stolen the last segment and you have to find out who that man is.

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