Best Scene in Town Game Concept

Amir Aran, Bapke van den Brink, Haitham Ennasr and Bart van de Kooi
We want to show the world our vision of the future. So we came up with our own miniature utopia. Here everything is perfect. Picnic visitors can walk through our vision and se how we –as creative minds-see the future. See how we redesign life, media, design and the city.

Players are randomly paired in teams based on proximity. Each team then gets direction to go to a series of locations inside or near the Picnic festival. Once the team arrives at location, a picture pops up of a futuristic or surreal vision of that very same location, followed by directions to the next location. See images below.

Once all locations have been visited, players can view the track they left behind which draws a shape. Players can then get a postcard printout of the trail they left behind.

Other play options:

Explorer Mode: Teams can deicide to choose whatever locations they want to explore, and draw their own path.

Solo Mode: Players can play individually, with the option available of forming a team with other individual players at any point of the game.

The planned goal of the game is for the game to serve as a platform to explore the area of and around the Picnic festival, and as an icebreaker between individuals attending the festival where they can casually meet and exchange contact information.

Screens of our idea:

The price / reward a person can win or earn is: