Well, its the last day of our 7scenes collaborative competition and we’re skyping/emailing like crazy to iron out the last details. Our efforts in this journey have been very educational. Our biggest constraints were the time difference, and also our own schedules. The New York side of the team had a lot of technical difficulties with 7scenes which hindered our overall process. Because of the time difference, we would lose a good half a day between correspondence, but because of our issues with uploading information into 7scenes in NY, it made the delay even worse.

It seems firefox & safari are not compatible with the application. Many important facets of the program were simply not visible. Using google chrome as a browser seemed to fix the problem, but it was temporary. Sometimes we were able to type/save/upload our entries, sometimes not.

Although we have had these obstacles to overcome, we do have our concept.

Presenting: 6 Degrees of Picnic 2010

Brought to you by Joost, Lea, & Hirumi

Our intention was to combine the physical elements of the picnic to the virtual application of 7scenes– a festival within a festival. Even more-so, we wanted to focus on people making connections outside of their current field. The concept of our “6 Handshakes of Picnic” is a play off of the “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” phenomenon. Working in the field of design is heavily dependent on collaborative efforts and it is our goal to push that idea with our game.

Players will all be given passports to keep track of their journey. People at the festival will be from all around the world and we want the players to remember they are in an international arena full of diverse talent. As they complete tasks, their passport will get stamped with the person/company they explored along with any contact information they may have received.

Our goal is at the end of the festival, we will be able to present a social networking map of the festival itself to show participants just how many people they’ve met, and how they are connected to others.

In the full version of our game, there would be 6 levels to reach our 6 degrees concept. Players will have a series of lectures they can attend. Each event they attend will give them a certain number of points. More points are given out when they meet the designated speaker, obtain their business card, or connect with them via online social networking (twitter, facebook, linkedin etc..).

During off-peak hours, players will also be able to gain bonus points by exploring the surrounding areas of the festival. They will be presented with challenges of expanding their relationships with new people they’ve met from the festival, by getting coffee together at a local cafe or going out for drinks. Players are required to upload photos to document each activity they’ve completed.

The player with the most points not only wins a handsome reward (to be determined), but also gains valuable networking experience. “6 Handshakes of Picnic” is a fun way to fully explore the Picnic festival, while simultaneously adding to your professional network.

The Collaboration Process!

Email was our preliminary means of communication, since the time difference made it somewhat difficult to connect with each other. However, we exchanged many emails and were able to keep in contact with each other regularly!

Skype was our other means of communication – we used email to figure out a good time for us all to chat (typically around 9 am New York time) and we got a lot of concept work done this way. Part of one of many Skype chats… here we discuss our concept!

6 degrees to Kevin Bacon

Brainstorming Sessions

Quick summary of our sessions thus far that was posted to the collective blog:

September 9, 2010

Our first skype session occurred on this day and was mostly geared towards briefing the NY side of the team the specifics of the project. Joost was extremely helpful in narrowing down our topic to focusing on the festival experience, not a general Amsterdam experience. We collectively pitched ideas around how to create a meaningful user interaction during the Picnic festival.

September 10, 2010

For some reason the second creative session didn’t go through to the NY participants. Lea, Joost, and Hirumi were able to skype for a bit as a group to talk about their direction. Joost put together a few sketches about his ideas. Below are the photos:



September 14th, 2010

During this chat we were able to pitch some concrete ideas.

Passport pitch: using a passport theme to connect the user to the virtual game and display their networking connections.



*deciding upon which scene fits our theme

*each of us building a scene and pitching ideas to each other

*we decided to make the application focus on networking with various people, therefore the challenges we impose during the game will revolve around that idea

*make a valiant attempts to connect the virtual world to the physical world

*game is to serve as a festival within a festival

*integrate connections via the 6 degrees theory (http://bsitteam4.wordpress.com/2010/09/14/6-degrees/)

More to be added once we have created some optional scenes…

6 degrees


sketch, think, draw, stick

September 7th and 10th were the think, draw, sketch, brainstorm days. Now we’re developing the concept. Stay tuned..