Artwork & games

Square games





rubik’s cube

tic tac toe





the start of the game: a big QR code at the festival without explanation, that takes the player to the 7scenes app.

at every festival location, a timed game can be played, whenever the player wants to.

playing all of the games will result in a number of clues about the final location of the game. this is also a physical location at the festival where the player has to go in order to record his/her game results on the scoreboard. this is done through a hidden QR code.

each day of the festival the scoreboard will announce the top 10 of players who were the fastest to complete the 10 (?) time-based games that make up the scene.

at the end of each festival day, a first and second prize t-shirt will be handed out to those lucky squares!

More sketches

some sketches for the visuals of “square world”

First brainstorm session

the world = square, squares = the new super heroes.

the theme of this scene.

a big QR code will be visible at the festival and will serve as the entrance to the game.

as first and second prize, t-shirts will be handed out every day to the fastest squares to complete the game. the first prize shirt will read: 31337 and the second prize will read: 00110010. something only true squares will understand.

during the game several clues will have to be gathered by solving a number of puzzles in order to uncover the final location and finish the game.

the locations on the PICNIC program are connected to the puzzles in the game, so participants can continue playing while attending PICNIC lectures.

It’s hip to be square!

the theme song of this scene: