In the second Best Scene in Town creative session international teams emphasized on finalizing their concept for the most exciting experience for the Picnic crowd.

After defining the scope of the project, existing concepts were now fine tuned and updated towards a final version, ready to prototype in 7scenes. To achieve the best of results, different live connections with Parsons in New York were established for synchronized teamwork, regardless of time differences and if no ocean as physical barrier existed.

Students form Parsons Skype with Amsterdam team mates during creative session @ The Waag.

Students form Amsterdam learning institutes during creative session @ The Waag.

Members of 7scenes provided individual consultancy to each team. Reflection on the work so far, brought new insights and led to changes, enhancements and further concept development.

At the conclusion of the session each team pitched their concept for the video camera.

Team 1

Team2 has made no pitch

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

Photos during the creative session
Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

Best Scene in Town @ Picnic '10

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