From mid April to the end of June ’10 Waag Society, the Nuite Blanche festival and 7scenes organize the ‘Best Scene in Town’ challenge for creatives in and around Amsterdam. In this challenge designers go head to head for to get their concepts part of the Nuit Blanche festival on June 19th ’10.

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Participants are free to join any of the thematic and open labs, hosted by Ronald Lenz (7scenes):

  • April 14th: Architects vs Game designers with Martijn de Waal (MobileCity) and Kars Alfrink (What’s the hubbub)
  • April 21st: Open lab
  • May 4th: Museums vs Advertisers with Juha van ‘t Zelfde (VURB, De verdieping) and Michael Littaer (Muse)
  • May 12th: Theater, Film makers vs Interaction designers with Nienke Rooijakkers and Renate Valdes Olmos (My Name is E)
  • May 19th: Open lab
  • June 19th: Grand finale at Nuit Blanche

The three winning projects will be part of the festival program. 1st price is an iPod touch with Vuzix Wrap 280 videogoggles, (sunglasses with a virtual 51-inch screen that can be hooked to your iPod or iPhone). 2nd price is an iPod nano with Nike sportkit. 3rd price is an iPod shuffle.


Architects vs Game designers

“In the first Best Scene in Town workshop, architects and game designers were invited to create GPS routes through Amsterdam. Despite their professional experience to design with computer programmes, the participants grabbed paper and colour pencils to share their ideas. Maps were drawn, post-its with notes were shifted to construct storylines and even 3D paper doodles were folded to enrich the brainstorm process. The resulting lively collection of concepts included ideas to make chill zones out of grim nightlife squares, to spread stories through virtual bottles, and to show the multicultural aspects of the city. The creative routes on paper were finally translated to the online 7scenes platform to share them with the world.” – Lotte Harmsen

Museums vs Advertisers

“The second Best Scene in Town workshop attracted staff from museums and advertising companies. A clash of ideas was not so much noticeable between individuals from these backgrounds, but occurred in the formed groups unrelated their composition. Some group members wanted to develop a route along the budget addresses of the city while others favoured a trip to Amsterdam’s gay-scene. Or someone wanted to create a route that enabled people to enact the criminal life of Willem Holleeder, while his group members were advocating a route for a couple in love. Solutions were found when the groups moved on to other aspects of their route. Participants found out that their opinions on exiting interaction possibilities matched or that they agreed on the terrain where the route should be put down.” – Lotte Harmsen

Theater, Film makers vs Interaction designers

“Wednesday’s May 12th workshop was introduced by interaction specialist Renato Valdes Olmos (Postmachina and My Name is E). He explained to the film and theatre professionals and interaction designers that were present that they should pay attention to context in their project. Not context in the sense of space and time necessarily (referring to the Nuit Blanche Festival on June 19th in Amsterdam in this case), but to the interaction with the material of the mobile phone. Although these devices have been more and more fitted with sensors to register what their user is doing, they are still unable to predict and prepare for what you will do next. Participants worked with this insight by asking: Where would the visitors of the Nuit Blanche want to start the tour? What would they visit next and where could they recharge their phones once these run out of batteries due to heavy sensor use? Thus mapping the expectations of the people present at the night of the Amsterdam festival.” – Lotte Harmsen

Some concepts