After participating in the last Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’11 challenge and winning the runner-up price, the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) decided to organize their own version of the challenge for a selected group of students. The theme for this challenge was two-fold: design games for the HKDI campus and for the Detour program of the Business of Design Week (BoDW) that is taking 1, 2 and 3 December ’11.

The reason for choosing the HKDI campus is to create mobile interactive tours for different types of visitors that come to the campus: new students at orientation days, international visitors and of course the students themselves.

The Detour program, the satellite program for the BoDW, was chosen because if its explicit requirements for exploring city locations in Hong Kong as the Detour locations are scattered throughout the city. Furthermore, with many international visitors coming to the BoDW, the student work can directly be made available to the target group they designed it for. The students will even have the opportunity to present and launch their work at the Inno Design Tech Expo of the BoDW on December 1st.

Organizing these sessions fits very well with the strategy of HKDI as they are structurally investing into innovation programs on Mobile Learning and app development. A topic that HKDI is taking a leading position in, in the Hong Kong academic scene.

Before starting with the creative session on November 28th and 29th at the campus, the students had already well prepared their subjects and brainstormed on the concepts they wanted to implement. This made for a great start and a very fruitful two days. As some of the students had already participated in the PICNIC challenge, it was clear that they were making strong creative progress in location-based concept development.

Overall the outcome of the different student teams can only be said to be impressive. The students are very skilled when it comes to handling digital tools and easily adapt to new ones, so working with 7scenes was no issue at all. Also, creatively the students made considerable progress with regards to developing concepts that are about location interaction. They did well in incorporating the characteristics of specific physical surroundings and adding interactive gameplay to get beyond solely information-based concepts. Below are the results of the different themes.

Team 1: “From 0 to Zero” – Detour

“Tour Concept

  • Let users know more about the tour from zero
  • Hope users can start from zero to use their instinct ability to feel the tour with their heart, and their souls
  • Base on the original concept of detour, explain what   is creativity through the exhibition
  • Start from 0


  • To shorten the distance between art works and ordinary people.
  • Let users understand each art piece step by step. 

  • Guide users with interactive information .
  • Lead users to pay attention of every single art piece.”

members: Chan Sze Long, Hui Pak Lun, Lai Yiu Sing, Ng Ka Yue and Yiu Chiu Ping.

Team 2: “HKDI sub-culture” – HKDI campus

“We know HKDI very well. We wanted the guest can experience our school life.”

members: Cheung Wai Shan, Chan Hiu Ching, Poon Chui Yee, Yau Chun Kin and Li Kin Yee.

Team 3: “Inspirney” – HKDI campus

“We are eggs, which are illuminated by those red lights. Just like HKDI, it inspires us to have more creative artworks.
Users can experience HKDI students’ daily life in person, by taking a journey as the character does. The adventure route is designed based on the project process in HKDI, like a thinking progress of the students.

members: Chan Pui Yi, Lau Tsz Wai, Li Ching Wa, Lui Sau Ling, Wo Wing Nam and Chan Tsz Kwan

Team 4: “Green route” – Detour

“Air pollution is serious in Hong Kong .We design mobile apps for user to visit the exhibitions and attractions of Detour on foot.
let them know the Shan Wan’s history and where the good place to go.”

members: Ho Fai Yeung, Chan Ngai Pan, Chan Man Chun, Lam Tsz Him and Chung Ka Wing.

Team 5: “Detach the Sign” – Detour

“You are a designer from overseas. And work with a Hong Kong design company. Your boss has given you a mission. The mission is to design a product or an artwork in combination of Hong Kong’s unique cultural and environmental elements. To start with, you now have to look for further information in the Western District.”

members: Chui Wai Hung, Lau Ka Fai, Lau Wing Chan, Chan Hin Wing and Chan Ka Wai.

Team 6: “The Most of HKDI” – HKDI campus

“Explore the “MOST” professional-HKDI
PROFESSIONAL courses for young people
Teachers with RICH experience & EXCELLENT design skills
PERFECT facilities & ADVANCED equipment
HAPPY campus life & WORTHY pathway”

members: Chan Lai Sim, Chung Wing Sze, Ho Chui Mei, Lam Tsz Hin and Shum Yan Yee.

In conclusion

The HKDI challenge proofed to be a very successful one and could not have been done without the vision and persistence of Vivian Cheng, International Liason manager at HKDI. She is a strong force within HKDI pushing the synergy between mobile technologies and education (amongst others). Additionally great help was provided by Helen Wong (HKDI) and Jackie Lai (CLT). We at 7scenes are looking forward to working together in 2012 and believe we have together created a strong foundation for new projects.