Brainstorm Theme

By August 30, 2011Uncategorized

We managed about all. Now we need a theme. Just to give a certain feeling to the whole contest that people are going to play!


1. Future forest. Cause PICNIC theme has to do with future. Our app is about sniffing new stories. In a forest you walk around to relax, to wander about stuff, to meet up with people or to get inspired. This game is located in old building, an old city with many possibilities. Players are invited to take a walk, sniff around, gather some beautifull fruits on the street and find out their new playground. There new forest!

2.Urban Twister. Our game has to do with placing you feet on new colours, new ideas, new mingeling. We’ve worked with bubble, that has something to do with twister, the game. It makes it very clear that you are placing you hand/ feet into a new direction. The tasks can be linked to the playing bord.

Check out: and let you imagination run wild!

3. Mingle update. Cause we want to force people to mingle. To be surpised and to update their ideas with finding new ideas in each other. So they get a mingle update!

4. Friction and recap. Not sure about the name, this isnt well. But the theme should do something with these words because its the main happening of our game. Create a litle friction, its makes people find new insight, maybe they get anoiiyed but in the and it enriches them… Thats the goal. Get to know new insights.

5. Insight Twister. Not sure if this need explanation. It will have to do with insights and play Twister with it. Everybody knows Twister no? So you get twisted. That is what the game is about, in the end you’ve seen new perspective. In the game litteraly, standing with youre left foot on blu, your right on red, and one hand on green an the other one on red while your co-player is also mixed up in the colours. To me, Twister makes sence! You get twisted and new insight by seeing new viewpoints. Only important question: do people know the game Twister, otherwise it makes no scence.

6. Then again, there also has to be something about being enrich because of working togheter. So what about something with tactical formation? Children of the revolution. sjkfnv aeiurvalfnv aiuwefb DONT KNOW! This is a brainstorm 🙂

So we’re not there yet but we’ve got some ideas to get started with. I’m sure!

22:40 One ohter idea just came up: why not link it to a traveler, an explorer. Make it a character that is very social, open minded, specialised, motivated and fanatic. Something like a Hero status. A docter gadget like, or somewhat more serious. With a map (duh!) exploring new places, getting new insights and growing.

22:47 Remember the book/ movie TRainpsotting. Also a nice title theme. Something with spotting!

22:47 Why not call it just Sodadrink! Makes no scense but I like it 🙂