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PICNIC in style

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For our task to get some buzz around our game: we should create a guerrilla stunt. So maybe we can link this to the name of the event> PICNIC. It depends on our concept but we have to get people moving in the city, gather and during PICNIC. So maybe we can do something with literally Picnic-elemtents spread over town.
Second idea: these people are culturaly developed in some way. Maybe we can gather pictures of Manet (see attachement) and brand it with PICNIC, put a mobile phone in the mans hand and post it. There must be more picnic-like pictures/ painting etc. Just to make people wonder and create a smile.





Team10- We love PEACE!

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Hi all ūüôā

We are Team 10

We are Ada,Michael,Erika and Sean from Hong Kong Design Institute.


Ada Wing Hang,NG

hey everyone,
im studying creative media design in Hong Kong Design Institute.
It’s my first time to participate international design competition.
It’s a ¬†great experience in my design life even its quite difficult and tired to finish it.
By the way, I believe that we could fix all the problems of our lovely world.
Everyone stop blaming and start to change from yourself now.


Michael Ka Wai,CHAN

A 19 years old boy who studying in Creative Media Design in Hong Kong Design Institute.


Erika Chui Yee,Poon

Im a year2 student of HKDI. Studying creative media design and LOVE PEACE.


Our App – “One Peace

Our design concept


Everyone is getting far away because of the technology’s development.
At the same time, technology gave us more convenient.
Someone found their family members/friends that they lost for many many years.
Someone could keep close with their friends and family every time even they live in different place all around the world.
But  so many people depends on technology so much,
They text/email/wt’sapp … their friends every day,but they won’t meet each other once a year even they live nearby.
As for we thought that our world is turning worst because of the technology.


As for the technology has been too much develop.
Everyone could get on to internet and say anything and no need to take responsibility.
Racial discrimination on the internet can be found very serious.
Everyone be classify , ugly,fat,yellow,black,short,catholic,lesbian etc….
It made wars happened.
We decided to do something to improve the situation and start from us.

That’s why we made ONE PEACE!


here are our research about peace and the world as one¬†– Michael Jackson’s They don’t care about us. РWe are the world. РMichael Jackson’s Man in the mirror.

Our process..

  mind map for us to make decisions.




   The draft of our logo.

  6 hours before the deadline.


Maybe you should know somethings about One Peace first before you read/play …

About One Peace

You will be interacted with someone you don’t know by photo taking,drawing,singing …etc.
Everyone is the same in front of ONE PEACE no matter who you are.
Everyone would get the same score when they are doing the same things.


Logo of One Peace


There are three kinds of people who are living in the world.


Design concept:

Language barrier,Communicate obstacle¬†,Discrimination,Disparity between the rich and the poor… etc made wars’ happen all around the world.

So that we put three kinds of people together,means the world as one.


Participant(s) have to finish 7 missions.
The details are listed below…


Here we GO!

First, Lets read the rules.
*3 players or above in each team.
*Every team will start from different place.
*You will get some bonus score(s) if u check-in at every check point.
*The team who take the shortest time will be the winner.

* When the team finished a mission, they will get a hint to unlock next level.

*Before the game start, each team will be given a Chinese sentence, the player should remember it.


Mission One – Piece of PEACE

  everyone will to play ONE PEACE in there.

-You will get three pictures since you checked-in at the starting point.

-You will get a part of the picture, you need to find the full picture in a hidden location.

-The team must take a photo with the full picture.

-Take a photo and upload.


Mission Two – Smiles On

 Since you finished Mission one, you will know how to get here.

-Find 3 people from different country.

-Take a photo with their smile.



Mission Three – Do You Know Me ?

When you saw this, means you are at check-point 3. WOW!smart!!

-The information of  a special location will be shown on the phone.

-Read all the information and go to the special location.

-The questions will be shown on the phone.

-Answer all the questions.


Mission Four- P.P

Mission 4 is waiting for you now!


-Find a cargo container.

-Paint something good for world.

-Take a photo and upload.


Mission Five- Sing a Long Song


How’s feel after singing “we are the world”?
by the way pay more attention to the following missions!!!!
its gonna be more difficult!!
good luck!!

-Teach a stranger to sing “We Are The World”

-Record a video and upload.


Mission Six- We can,can you?

¬† It’s time to do something for our world!!!!GO!GO!GO!


-Show stranger a video about the workers who work for the earth(eg. clean the beach)

-Ask the people to do something for the earth.

-Record a video and upload.


Mission Seven – Lost

   Congratulations!!!!!!!!You are here finally!!


-When the team arrive at the check point.

-There’s are some¬†Chinese¬†word at the check point.

-The team must think back the given Chinese sentence and speak it out.

-Record the sound and upload.


When you finished all the missions.
Means you take the first step to change our world.
But that’s not enough at all.
Try to do more and better.
We can make sure that is work or not.
But at least we tried.
We are the world.We are the Children.
No one can help us if we don not do anything.


Welcome to the teampage of team 9 for Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’11

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Chiu Wai Hung    JIMMY ,
Chan Hin Wing    Eva,
Lau Wing Chan    Sam ,
Tsoi Tsz Pan     Benny

GO AHEAD TEAM 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[fill in the names + institutions / upload a picture]



Pre – Concept (Idea development )

Best Scene in Town’11 TEAM9 First proposal

This is our pre- concept of this game , its just base on the map of Hong Kong and be a process .

Final Concept

Try to understand that we are not going to do a WAR GAME , we want to focus more on the spirit of a  soldier !

We want to let people comprehend a place by playing some interactive games , and players can know more about the place after playing the game.
In order to achieve this purpose, we have to choose some special places for the game. Besides, the game should have a theme in order to make the game more funny.
We set the background be the modern war. However, We are not going to do a WAR GAME, we want to focus more on the spirit of a soldier!
Let talk about what is spirit of a soldier. A soldier should be smart and clever, nimble, obey the order. Each one of them has great lethality.
But once they form together, the power will be increased by times.
Players should act as a soldier during the game. They have to be smart and works as a team in order to solve all the missions.


Rules & Gameplay

[describe interaction rules between the players  / also use photos & sketches]
Mode :
Characters :
Modern Soldiers

Overall mission / game play : 
have to use the smart phone to play along the game .

Story : 



You are a soldier came from your own country. You and your team were appointed to Holand and carry out a series of tasks. You have to follow the instrustions from your officer and finish the tasks. After finishing each task, marks will be given. There have other teams compete with your team at the same time. You have to cooperate well with your team members in order to get the highest marks and win the game . Each team start with a specific skill which can help to finish the mission. Collect the other skills to le you stronger and finish more mission as you can ! Good Luck !

Rules :
At the beginning of the game , each group will dispatch 4 roles , and they take one randomly ,
 they got their own skills , anyway they can discuss the tactic together but division on labour.
(It is better to solve a mission by cooperation)

Time limit - 1.5 hours
Location - They need to start at a specific location (play within the area)
Point and score ‚Äď they finish the mission or win in a confront will get some score , They lose or gain 10% of the score by wining or losing in a confront.
Skills - They can collect the skills after finish the mission or take on the road .
Roles : ( In this game , there are four roles )

Basic SKILL: All player in the begining of the game will get a basic skill

Skill 1 :
The Direction , the route

Other skills :

SKILL 2 : (In mission 10 and the red dot location)
-Take the photo & Uploading a photo(to finish a mission)

Skill 3 : (In mission 11 , 12 )
– Information receive
+ skill to use internet to get help
+ ask the strenger to help


Skill 4 : ( In mission 2 , 3, 6 , 8 )
-Finding , searching something require
+ skill to get something with the shopkeeper




At the beginning of game (mission 1 ) is not to follow the route , is let them free to go,
PLEASE Noted that there are some mission that they need to collect the skill to finish that mission .


GO there and take up the skill 2


Firstly, players have to figure out the map, find out those places which are labeled. FIND YOUR WAY !

Instructions from your officer:
Start the mission now! GO!

 *need to use skill 1


2) A RECONNAISSANCE (finish the mission to collect the skill 4)

We provide  part of a photo, then players have to find the shop out and take the same photo. Marks will be given if the taken photo has at least 70% similar with the one that we given.

(shop chosen : Nievw Dakota motion gallery)

 Instructions from your officer:
 Here has a reconnaissance for you to do. See the photo that i gave to you?
Find this shop  out and take photo with it.
They must have at least 70% similiar with otherwise it treat as FAIL in this task. 
*need to use skill 2 , 4
3) RIDDLE SOLVING (finish the mission to collect the skill 4) ( finish the mission to collect the skill 4)

We gave a riddle “A hotel on the sea ! ” , let them guess where it is. Players have to find it out and take a shot.

(shop chosen : Botel )

Instructions from your officer:
 We have received a message from an anonymous.  "A hotel on the sea ! "
Figure it out! What is the message mention? Solve it with evidence, eg. explanation or photo.
*need to use skill 2 , 4


4) Witness is missing(for final Chinese mission )

Players have to find out some pieces of Chinese word which are hidden by us.

The team have to find it out and take photo with it in a correct order.


Instructions from your officer:
 You have to find out these few Chinese words as they are important witness in a case.
Find them out and upload it as soon as possible. Don't forget to put it in a correct order before taking photo.
*need to use skill 4


5)Invade !

Players have to go inside the restaurant and find something have a printed logo , and take the photo !

(shop chosen :Cafe restaurant Noorderlicht  )

Instructions from your officer:

Go inside the restaurant and find something have a printed logo. It is a secret mission. Go!

*need to use skill 4

6) Training (finish the mission to collect the skill 4)

Take a photo with a spectacular movement with the skateboard ! (It is something easy motion that the child and older can handle )

(shop chosen : Stichting Kinetisch Noord  )

Instructions from your officer:
It’s time for you to have some training exercise now. Go inside the Stichting Kinetisch Noord, take a photo with a spectacular movement. I will inspect your result so DONT BE LAZY!

*need to use skill 2

7)WANTED  !!!

This is an interactive mission that need players ask the staff  for help in order to find out the one we want.

(shop chosen : Johnny Loco factory )

Instructions from your officer:
There  are an arrest action need you to involve. Find out this guy and carry out the action. Photo should be taken.

*need to use skill 2 , 3


8)FINDING……( finish the mission to collect the skill 4)

Let the player find 3 trucks and take the photos and upload the car code (we will set 3 trucks there )

Instructions from your officer:
We suspected there are bombs inside the car park. We need you to make sure whether or not. Your task is to take photo with the car code. It must be a truck so just take trucks, okay? It should be at least three trucks inside the car park.

*need to use skill 2 ,4

9)Invade Again!

Players are  require to take photos for some  logo printed tableware.

(shop chosen : Brasserie  lunch room)

Instructions from your officer:
Here are another secret mission. This time, you have to go to Brasserie  lunch room. Take photos for some  logo printed tableware.

*need to use skill 2 ,4

10)The missing name (finish the mission to collect the skill 2 )

There have a art work showing room , we provide the image of the art works.

Players have to find them out and type the name of owner to finish the mission .

(shop chosen : Dawn )

Instructions from your officer:
Here has a case for you to follow. Number of art works were missing their own master. Help them to find out the name of  their owner.

*need to use skill 2 ,4


11)Follower the sound( finish the mission to collect the skill 3)

A audio which with a chinese instrument will be given.

Players need to follow the sound to find the place and answer our question

Instructions from your officer:
Another officer need your help. Go and help him. Follow the sound and answer the question.

Question :

what insturment use in this music ?

Ans :
A) Guzheng
B)  erhu fiddle ( huqin)
*need to use skill 4


12)Snipe it ! (  finish the mission to collect the skill 3)

Instructions from your officer:
“According to reliable inforamtion, enemies were ambushed in the¬† ______.
Your task is to take a photo for them from a highland   at a long distance. Be careful!
Don’t let them to see you or you will be killed in this mission.

*need to use skill 2 ,4

13) FEEL IT ! (Chinese mission)

Last mission  , players went into the shop , ask the staff to take the piece of Chinese word .

mix another piece of Chinese word found in mission 4 , try to understand the meaning of the word and

upload a sentence to share what they feel now !


*need to use skill 3

Confront :





[describe your team’s creative process / show preliminary ideas & sketches]


[describe the requirements for the production of the concept]

– We need to set up some ‘Object’ in some place .

-We need some staff (in the shop) to help use (For example: Take photo , leave a message , hide something…)




This is a extra function of the 7 scenes apps

Anyway , this is a bonus of our product !  This will not appear in our proposal !

Tips & Tricks

The guides underneath are an impression what you can do. Use this post for documenting the entire process, so do not create new posts Рupdate this one!

Hi, and welcome at your teampage!
 You may want to use the examples underneath to shape the documentation of your mobile project for PICNIC 2011. These will help you to make sure all relevant elements are there. These enhance your chances to win the challenge as the jury uses these also when viewing and judging the concepts and prototypes in 7scenes!
* Who are we? A short introduction of the team.

  • How did our collaboration process work? Show excerpts from Skype sessions, Facebook entries, Tweets, and all sorts of other media you used to works things out in your team over the challenge. We encourage multi-channel thinking, so be creative!
  • Our results from brainstorming, mindmapping and other creative experiments. Present your initial sketches, doodles, photo mock-ups. We encourage to create your own videos, visuals, animations, and so on!
  • Our final concept! Crucial, here’s where the jury will pay particular attention! Explain as clear as possible what’s it all about! What will the PICNIC crowd get once you won the challenge and your entry is produced? Explain backgrounds, user-interaction, think performance – visualize the impact of your concept!
  • The prototype in 7scenes. Another judgement thing. The jury will look closely into the scene you build in the 7scenes platform. So try to be as complete as you can building your concept. Bottom line is that what you invent works in 7scenes!!‚Ä®Last tips
  • Upload all media you use directly to the blogpage and use no external links to Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • Contact us immediately in case teammates drop out, when technical issues occur,¬† in case you need feedback.

Inspired, confused, lost? Lot’s more to read here:‚Ä®

Or view the slideshare presentation to learn more about mobile storytelling:

BSIT TEAM 9 – A new idea of our game

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bsit team 9 process – first discussion

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Future travelers




Idea  from a Hong Kong movies, a Time Traveller

Each player plays the role of ancient.

Hope that people can lead to creative, Into the beautiful world.

Rules & Gameplay

Each team has four players with different skills.Can be achieved through different match to win the game quickly gather resources.


Get many points within a limited time to complete the game.



Know the task tips, the tips scattered in different places on the map.only leader can know the location of tips.
Inform team members to join the game.


Play with Leadership or Treasure Hunt when Complete game will get one more tips.

3.Treasure Hunt

Only ONE to found treasures skills..Can find someone game(take photo game)




Experience: ¬†Exercise, Cultrue, Old Building, Traffic, Food, Characteristic, Landmark, People……

Form:Treasure Hunt, Story, Race……

Experience to offer:¬† ‚ÄúWelcome To NDSM-werf‚ÄĚ , Well Traffic, Weather, Street……

How To Play: Find People,  Tips: Know more about NDSM-werf.

Combination of the above , We are plan a simple game to find someone , Designated routes and tips.But we feel very monotonous, no change. The game is not enough  stimulate.

After that, we added some authentic game to do the task, Scoring, Skill and sudden tips to simulate a role play game.

We are start to collect information about NDSM-werf. Found a lot of landmarks, buildings .we are add some task in this place and Reward.