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That’s TEAM 12

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[fill in the title]


Tsang Ching Man (Fanny) @ HKDI
[fill in the names + institutions / upload a picture]


Download: bsit_team12
[describe the concept / also use photos & sketches]

Rules & Gameplay

– 1.5hours to play this game
– Group 2 teams (at least 3 people, up to 6 people)
– Select which is CATCH team or MISSION team
– There have some materials you need to bring.


For Mission Team

– There have 5 treasure need to find.
– Go to the checkpoint and get it.
(Custom to change the numbers of treasure or the checkpoint location)
– Use the GPS map to find out the checkpoint.
– When you arrive the checkpoint, encode the QR code to take the MISSION CARD.
– The app will show the MISSION card when you encode the QR code.
– The card will write the things you need to do.
– If you correct. the treasure will save on your team’s phone and show the next checkpoint.
– If not, you need to restart the mission until you correct.
– If you tag from CATCH team, you will be out.
– If you collect all treasures, the game will finish.


For CATCH Team

– Use the GPS map to check where the MISSION team members.
– If you tag the MISSION team member, take out his/her wrist and phone
– If you can catch all of the MISSION team members, the game will finish.


[describe interaction rules between the players / also use photos & sketches]


[describe your team’s creative process / show preliminary ideas & sketches]


[describe the requirements for the production of the concept]


[feel free to add any more information that you think adds to your concept!]

Tips & Tricks

The guides underneath are an impression what you can do. Use this post for documenting the entire process, so do not create new posts – update this one!

Hi, and welcome at your teampage!
 You may want to use the examples underneath to shape the documentation of your mobile project for PICNIC 2011. These will help you to make sure all relevant elements are there. These enhance your chances to win the challenge as the jury uses these also when viewing and judging the concepts and prototypes in 7scenes!
* Who are we? A short introduction of the team.

  • How did our collaboration process work? Show excerpts from Skype sessions, Facebook entries, Tweets, and all sorts of other media you used to works things out in your team over the challenge. We encourage multi-channel thinking, so be creative!
  • Our results from brainstorming, mindmapping and other creative experiments. Present your initial sketches, doodles, photo mock-ups. We encourage to create your own videos, visuals, animations, and so on!
  • Our final concept! Crucial, here’s where the jury will pay particular attention! Explain as clear as possible what’s it all about! What will the PICNIC crowd get once you won the challenge and your entry is produced? Explain backgrounds, user-interaction, think performance – visualize the impact of your concept!
  • The prototype in 7scenes. Another judgement thing. The jury will look closely into the scene you build in the 7scenes platform. So try to be as complete as you can building your concept. Bottom line is that what you invent works in 7scenes!!
Last tips
  • Upload all media you use directly to the blogpage and use no external links to Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • Contact us immediately in case teammates drop out, when technical issues occur, in case you need feedback.

Inspired, confused, lost? Lot’s more to read here:

Or view the slideshare presentation to learn more about mobile storytelling:

Idea, Icon design and layout

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Find the way home


We are from Hong Kong who are studying in Hong Kong Design Institute. All of us are creative media design students.We love taking photos and hanging out with friends in daily life.My name is Chan Tsz Kwan,Tissue. I love sports and eating snack while watching movies

Hi, I am Winky Yip, I love travelling around with my lovely friends.Hey, I am James, I love skateboarding on the street.


•The participant(s) is a tribe ‘s people who is far away from his or her home town.
•Now, the player is lost in an unknown city.
•He or she needs to find the things which can guide he or she the way to home.  During the journey , there would be somebodies obstruct the trip, for example they may set some tasks to the users to finish.
•When the users can overcome the tasks, they may get what they want, such as diamonds, jewelries and gold etc. After they collect the whole set of treasure, there would be more bonus gifts.
•Getting more “treasures”, the users may know more about the city. At that moment , they would notice that the city is their home.

(we would to let users be the “first person”  , to be involved in the story )


Rules & Gameplay

1)search for anything which can help you to find the way home
2)open the camera as a scanner of tool,treasure and even tasks
3)do what the task said to you


Need camera operation during the game, so as to scan some story features out.
Need animation as interactive purpose.

Team8! 7Scene? 7Sins?

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Member :
1)Yau Chun Kin


My game concept is that I wanted to create a game that’s contained different interactive between player to player, such as making them form rivals to partner. This kind of relationship can let players think more about other players.

They also need to concern what they really want to do, the ONLY WINNER of the game or share what he obtained.

I am going to use the “adventure mode” to play and make a little bit changes on the rules.


Seven Sins contained lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Each of them got different personalities ,and needs.

And now ,you got some of those 7 sins get into your mind. What you have to do is to make use of your power to fulfill your goal ,or clean you sins at last.

Remember to make yourself to be the real winner of the game. The meaning of “real winner” is that, the final goal is to clean your sins, not staying in the sins hell.

Rules & Gameplay

1)each player got their own character.
2)go to different start point.
—————–game start—————-
3)attack others to get more points.
4)use their skill to overcome different task

Idea Development

PROCESS -Refernce

PROCESS – Idea Development

(also ,the Rescuer will reach a reward check point at the same time to get the Trapper player’s skill.)
PDF download

Need a killer app for your Facebook page?

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Need a killer app for your Facebook page? Here’s where you can find one

Facebook pages have become one of the most popular ways for businesses to communicate with stakeholders on an on-going basis.

While a good portion of that activity takes place on Facebook walls, it is important to consider which applications, or apps, are most appropriate for your page.

Whoa! Wait a minute. What are Facebook apps?

Good question.

Apps are mini-programs developed specifically for Facebook pages that enhance the user experience, ranging from polls to competitions. In other words, Facebook apps (when used appropriately) help make coming back to your page a more attractive proposition.

The apps you use depend entirely on the purpose of your page, but here are some of the best places online to get an idea of what is available and what might be right for you.

Facebook pages: Locating the best applications

Appbistro. This is one of the more manageable Facebook app directories out there, and it categorizes available apps by sector. It also tries its hand at some automated advice, matching the pages you administer to the tools available on the site.

Quixey. Originally a standard Web app site, has recently added Facebook apps to its catalogue and does it reasonably well. Here’s an example of “competition” apps it has located that are compatible with Facebook.

App Stats. A slightly more unconventional way of searching for apps that might be right for your page (or just to get a feel for what is available) is the Facebook Application Leaderboard section of the website.

AppData. This site provides you with an incredibly detailed list of popular apps and app providers and also displays the apps that are losing favor, again helping to plan any developments you might be considering.

Big Blogs. Inside Facebook and All Facebook are two of the most renowned Facebook-specific blogs out there and regularly features news about apps. The other major social media news sites like The Next Web and ReadWriteWeb also do a good job of keeping you up to date with the latest releases and trends. Mari Smith is also a great person to follow for the latest Facebook news and information.

It’s important to note that Facebook recently axed its own Facebook Applications Directory, migrating app results into the general search functionality. Read the full story about it here.

These are just a few of the ways you can search for apps for your Facebook page.

Do you have any resources you consult regularly? If so, share them in the comments section below.

A version of this story first appeared on the Paratus Communications blog.

Brainstorm Theme

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We managed about all. Now we need a theme. Just to give a certain feeling to the whole contest that people are going to play!


1. Future forest. Cause PICNIC theme has to do with future. Our app is about sniffing new stories. In a forest you walk around to relax, to wander about stuff, to meet up with people or to get inspired. This game is located in old building, an old city with many possibilities. Players are invited to take a walk, sniff around, gather some beautifull fruits on the street and find out their new playground. There new forest!

2.Urban Twister. Our game has to do with placing you feet on new colours, new ideas, new mingeling. We’ve worked with bubble, that has something to do with twister, the game. It makes it very clear that you are placing you hand/ feet into a new direction. The tasks can be linked to the playing bord.

Check out: and let you imagination run wild!

3. Mingle update. Cause we want to force people to mingle. To be surpised and to update their ideas with finding new ideas in each other. So they get a mingle update!

4. Friction and recap. Not sure about the name, this isnt well. But the theme should do something with these words because its the main happening of our game. Create a litle friction, its makes people find new insight, maybe they get anoiiyed but in the and it enriches them… Thats the goal. Get to know new insights.

5. Insight Twister. Not sure if this need explanation. It will have to do with insights and play Twister with it. Everybody knows Twister no? So you get twisted. That is what the game is about, in the end you’ve seen new perspective. In the game litteraly, standing with youre left foot on blu, your right on red, and one hand on green an the other one on red while your co-player is also mixed up in the colours. To me, Twister makes sence! You get twisted and new insight by seeing new viewpoints. Only important question: do people know the game Twister, otherwise it makes no scence.

6. Then again, there also has to be something about being enrich because of working togheter. So what about something with tactical formation? Children of the revolution. sjkfnv aeiurvalfnv aiuwefb DONT KNOW! This is a brainstorm 🙂

So we’re not there yet but we’ve got some ideas to get started with. I’m sure!

22:40 One ohter idea just came up: why not link it to a traveler, an explorer. Make it a character that is very social, open minded, specialised, motivated and fanatic. Something like a Hero status. A docter gadget like, or somewhat more serious. With a map (duh!) exploring new places, getting new insights and growing.

22:47 Remember the book/ movie TRainpsotting. Also a nice title theme. Something with spotting!

22:47 Why not call it just Sodadrink! Makes no scense but I like it 🙂







Nice app. Mapping places to work in town. Might be helpful!

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Looking for somewhere to work for a few hours between meetings and meals? Looking for a café with competent WiFi, friendly staff and great coffee to wile a few hours away? Enter Lets Meet And Work, an app developed to encourage the collaborative use of spaces across the city, that provides informative reviews of the best places to constructively work, meet and grab a bite.

The app had humble beginnings in London and gained much appeal before being launched recently in New York City. With plans to expand to other cities, Lets Meet And Work demonstrates the value of directory-based apps that are working to make life a little easier for the urban dweller.

Lets Meet And Work

via PSFK:

The teampage of team 6 for Best Scene in Town @ PICNIC ’11

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Fighting monsters together




(Sugar)Pun Ching Yi /

Hong Kong Design Institute


[PICNIC is not for observers, it’s for participants.](from PICNIC)

My  target group  is  foreigners, people that are not familiar with the culture of Amsterdam.

Through the mobile scene , the player can enjoy various activities and the artworks ,to understand the culture of Amsterdam .

Accept the challenge to social problems solve will progress .

Role Playing :

Role=Local people      Monsters=Problems



Rules & Gameplay

Directed fractional wins

1. Game time 150 minutes

2. In the Division are equipped with many control points, the player for a limited period of time, with technology, experience and fitness to win points, but do not visit all the control points

3. Each control point has a different score, and score its distance, difficulty and connection with other family out of control

4. More than the time the players will return to the end points are less certain

5. Players not in order, visit the control points, the highest team score in performance points for the winners

6. In case the situation with the points, places a relatively short time to complete for the team to victory


First, players divided into two teams, four people in a team, each team will have PICNIC festivalgrounds map, Players are assigned a starting amount of role can be in different venues looking for weapons and shuttle supplies (limited number). Control point must be to a different challenge to win points.



Our first idea is play in Hong Kong.But we want to fit the PICNIC, so change the location .Now is play in Picnic grounds.





[feel free to add any more information that you think adds to your concept!]

Maps can be briljant!

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Was Vorratsdaten über uns verraten

Der Chaos Computer Club nennt Handys “Ortungswanzen”. Zu Recht, wie unsere interaktive Grafik zeigt: Die Vorratsdaten des Grünenpolitikers Malte Spitz enthüllen sein Leben.


Bewegungsprofil von Malte Spitz, basierend auf den Vorratsdaten seines HandysBewegungsprofil von Malte Spitz, basierend auf den Vorratsdaten seines Handys


“Interpol und Deutsche Bank, FBI und Scotland Yard, Flensburg und das BKA, haben unsere Daten da”, sangen Kraftwerk 1981 in Computerwelt. Es klang damals unglaublich, später bedrohlich, und heute klingt es lächerlich. Denn die Wirklichkeit ist viel banaler. Unsere Telefone sind es, die am meisten über unsere Gewohnheiten verraten. Der Chaos Computer Club nannte die kleinen, mächtigen Computer in unseren Taschen deswegen auch schon “Ortungswanzen”.

In einem Gutachten für das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat der Verein im Juni 2009 theoretisch beschrieben, welche Informationen bei der sogenannten Vorratsdatenspeicherung übermittelt werden und was sich daraus alles ablesen lässt. Das Verfassungsgericht hat die damalige Regelung inzwischen gestoppt, aufgegeben aber wurde die Idee von Ermittlern und Politik keineswegs. Zu interessant sind die Möglichkeiten, aus diesen auf den ersten Blick harmlos wirkenden Daten Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen. In den kommenden Wochen will die Bundesregierung über eine neue Regelung entscheiden.


Klicken Sie auf das Bild, um zur interaktiven Karte zu gelangenKlicken Sie auf das Bild, um zur interaktiven Karte zu gelangen


Was genau sich aus den Daten erfahren lässt, das konnten die meisten Menschen bis heute nur in der Theorie sehen, praktische Beispiele gab es nicht. Der Grünenpolitiker Malte Spitz hat sich daher entschlossen, seine Vorratsdaten aus dem Zeitraum August 2009 bis Februar 2010 zu veröffentlichen. Um sie zu überhaupt bekommen, musste er gegen die Telekom klagen.

Die Daten, die ZEIT ONLINE hier zum Download zur Verfügung stellt und die Basis der hier gezeigten interaktiven Karte sind, entstammen einem Exceldokument mit 35.831 Zeilen. Mehr als 35.000 Mal also hat sein Mobiltelefon in diesem halben Jahr Informationen Preis gegeben. Jede einzelne davon ist im Zweifel unbedeutend und harmlos, in der Summe aber ergeben sie das, was Ermittler ein Profil nennen – ein klares Bild über Gewohnheiten und Vorlieben, ja über das gesamte Leben.

Das Profil enthüllt, wann Malte Spitz durch Straßen läuft, wann er Bahn fährt, wann er fliegt. Es zeigt, in welchen Städten und an welchen Orten er sich aufhält. Es zeigt, zu welchen Zeiten er arbeitet und zu welchen er schläft, wann man ihn am besten erreichen kann und wann eher nicht. Es zeigt, wann er lieber telefoniert und wann er lieber eine SMS verschickt und es zeigt, in welchem Biergarten er gerne sitzt. Es zeigt ein Leben.

Wer mit wem, wann, wie lange, von wo aus und womit – das ungefähr sind die Informationen, die anhand der Vorratsdatenspeicherung erfasst werden.

Das Gesetz, das das Bundesverfassungsgericht am 2. März 2010 für verfassungswidrig erklärte, ist seit 2008 in Kraft. Es verpflichtet alle Anbieter von Telekommunikation, die mehr als 10.000 Kunden haben, die sogenannten Verbindungsdaten für sechs Monate zu speichern.

Dies bedeutet: Die gesamte Kommunikation und auch alle Kommunikationsversuche via Telefon, SMS, E-Mail oder Internet werden erfasst und sind ein halbes Jahr rückwirkend noch nachvollziehbar. Nicht ihr Inhalt, aber sämtliche Metadaten, die über Art und Umfang des Kontaktes etwas aussagen.

Um zu verdeutlichen, wie genau sich ein Leben abbilden lässt, hat ZEIT ONLINE die Vorratsdaten mit öffentlichen und für jeden problemlos verfügbaren Datensätzen “angereichert”: Zu den Bewegungen von Malte Spitz werden seine Tweets und Blogeinträge angezeigt, die er in dieser Zeit geschrieben hat. Ein Verfahren, dass im Zweifel auch Ermittler nutzen würden, um ein Beobachtungsobjekt “aufzuklären”.

Um zu belegen, wie genau die Angaben seines Telefons sind, sind auch seinen Termine sichtbar, wie sie auf der Website der Grünen veröffentlicht wurden. Die Orte, die sich im Muster der Funkzellen zeigen, finden sich dort sämtlich wieder.