Best Scene in Town’ is a design challenge in which 7scenes works together with local partner organizations to host a challenge for creatives, designers, students and other enthusiasts to create the best mobile experience for the people in their city. A series of creative workshops guide participants in this challenge where not only speakers give inspiring talks on future scenarios, but participants – working in teams – are supported by a mobile media design method and work hands-on with the 7scenes tools. Ultimately, all submitted projects are judged by a jury that uses criteria such as synergy between physical place and virtual content, narrative forms, interaction with people, use of media, playability and overall immersion (or impact). The winning scenes are made available to the main public, preferably during a special event.


The rationale behind this challenge is to have designers from different disciplines and levels interact with each other, exchange ideas and create new mobile concepts for the city. We believe that today many design disciplines overlap in their design process because mobility (most of the time) plays an important part when our internet-enabled and location-aware mobile phones give us the possibility to interact with city locations and people in very new interesting ways. We believe that we are creating a New City where the physical and digital meet each other and encourage designers to actively participate in the development of their city.

Design challenge ‘Best Scene in Town’ should be seen as the following:

  • a training platform for creatives to learn about the possibilities of mobile media.
  • an exchange platform where creatives share their ideas and experience while working together on new concepts.
  • a development platform where existing ideas can grow into prototypes and pilotted.
  • a communications platform that can create awareness around the topic of mobile media for other you would like to reach.
  • a think tank for other organizations to pose questions to (e.g. ‘how can mobile video best be used in the hospitality sector’)


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About 7scenes

As a spin-off company from Amsterdam-based medialab Waag Society, with many years of research in locative media under her belt, 7scenes has been involved in many design challenges over the years amongst others those held at the annual Picnic festival.

For more on 7scenes please visit the 7scenes website.